Handling the Most Common Types of Customer Complaints

A happy customer is a repeat customer. This is why many companies invest in good, reliable business telephone systems as well as customer service representatives to address any complaints their clientele may have. Customer feedback varies from one industry to the next, and it’s hard to pinpoint specific complaints that are similar across companies with such varied

Is Your Business Ready to Switch to VoIP?

VoIP has revolutionized the way businesses communicate. It offers a wide range of benefits that work with just about any type of business, from small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) to global retail franchises. If you haven’t made the switch to VoIP yet, you should consider it.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Missed Calls for Granted

Despite the presence of emails, chat support and social media pages, phone calls remain an important part of running a successful business. This is why you should never take missed calls for granted; each one could be a missed opportunity. In today’s post, local VoIP phone solutions provider Nebula Solutions shares a look at why missed calls

Determining Your VoIP System’s ROI

Upgrading the phone system is a big decision for any business. It comes with significant costs, so it’s only natural to consider how much ROI it can provide you in the long run. Here Nebula Solutions, one of the area’s leading telephone service providers, discusses some of the factors that can influence the ROI of your

How Can a Call Center Benefit a Small Business?

It’s common for business owners to think that a call center is suitable only for larger companies, but this isn’t true at all. Small businesses can also reap many benefits from having a dedicated call center. Here Nebula Solutions, a hosted telephone system provider, lists three advantages of setting up a call center for your small business.

What Are the Benefits of Recording VoIP Calls?

A call recording service offers many benefits for businesses in various industries. From managing corporate and personal liabilities to complying with government regulations, it can save you trouble and ensure efficient operations for your company.  

How to Keep Your Phone Number While Using VoIP

Switching phone service providers is something that many business owners consider under certain circumstances. But regardless of your reason for changing your VoIP phone service provider, one concern that you may have is whether or not you’ll be able to keep your existing phone number. The long and short of it is that it’s possible to keep

Using VoIP Features to Cut Down Average Call-Handling Times

Signing up for services like Cincinnati Bell cable and internet or other online services is easier than ever. All it takes is one quick phone call or a click of a button and you’re connected to the business of your choice. Generally, this is a good thing for many companies, as they can now communicate with

How Hackers Compromise VoIP Telephones

As far as business telephone systems go, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, lines offer plenty of advantages and a ton of incredible features. However, as with most other things, VoIP isn’t without its drawbacks. One of the biggest risks to this type of business communication is in its security.

More Common VoIP Problems & How to Fix Them

We shared a few common VoIP problems in an earlier blog, where most problems are typically solved with a call to your company’s support team. Today, cloud phone system provider Nebula Solutions shares a few more common VoIP problems, this time with easy fixes.