10 Communication Innovations in The Last 10 Years

Communication_InnovationsThe last decade has been really interesting in terms of the technical innovations and mankind has been gifted with numerous new technologies. We are really thankful to the inventors who have created interesting communication tools and applications in the last 10 years. One of the major advantages of these innovations is the reach of connectivity to mobile devices. You are no longer tied to a desk, and can keep in touch with the worlds seamlessly through smart phones and tablets.

Here is a brief description of the 10 communication innovations that have made our lives interesting and easy:


This is a very popular technology that allows electronic devices to connect with each other to exchange data or connect with the Internet wirelessly by the use of radio waves. WiFi is the general term used for Wireless Local Area Network, or WLAN. With this technology we can now connect any digital device to a network if it is wireless enabled. Thus, the exchange of data has become really hassle free. Modern WiFi technologies such as 802.11ac can actually transmit at nearly 1.7 Gbps. For small companies that have limited connectivity requirement, WiFi can replace network cabling completely.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This technology converts analog voice signals into digital signals and transmits them over a secured data network or the Internet. There are many companies that have adopted VoIP technology for their communication system in their offices. This is one of the most efficient communication technologies in the market, and will do away with your regular PSTN completely. In fact, companies such as AT&T are slowly moving away from PSTN connections and have also applied to Federal Authorities to shut down their PSTN business completely by 2015/2016.

IP Communication

IP Communication describes networks that use Internet Protocol for voice and video traffic. IP communication can be on any network – local or global. Sometimes called Internet Telephony or Internet Communications, IP communications has come to encompass a large number of services such as telephony, video conferencing, and unified communications. Different protocol mechanisms are used for different kinds of communication, but they all fall into the category of IP Communication.

IP Communication is slowly replacing the old telephone system. For one you do not pay for the call or the distance between you and the called person. What you pay for is a fixed monthly fee for the Net connection. Secondly IP communication allows you to exchange voice, video and data in a single channel enlarging the scope of your communication capability. Feature such as presence advertises your availability so that your relatives, friends and business associates can locate you and communicate with you. Feature such as find-me follow-me ensures you never lose you communication even when you are travelling. The days of waiting for you to come back to office are long gone. With Internet connectivity becoming ubiquitous, you can keep in touch any time and from anywhere.

In a way, IP communication has also integrated all the devices you use for your business. Whether you use a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone, IP communication can work on all these platforms.

In the near future, IP addresses will be available to nearly all devices at home and office. Not too far away, you can send instructions to your fridge to complete a particular task before you come home.

Unified Communications

Unified Communication is a technology that has enabled the integration of varied communications mediums on a single platform. This is a very popular system because of its efficiency in handling numerous tasks simultaneously. Real-time communications services such as presence, telephony, data exchange, instant messaging, call control. Speech recognition can all be used together with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging.

Smart Phones & Mobile Communication

Modern mobile phones are far from the bulky instruments of yore that could just make and receive calls. With built in cameras on both sides, modern smart phones come with multi core processors and have multi-tasking capabilities. The screen resolutions are becoming high definition. With permanent connection to the Internet, smartphones are killing the desk phone market. And, over the recent past, smartphones have gained all the capabilities to be used for video conferencing and Unified Communications. With applications for literally every task you can think of, the smart phones keep you in touch with the world all the time. Chat and other applications allow you to keep in touch, exchanges messages, snaps, and even videos. Social networking has moved forward to the fast lane with these smart phones.,


This is a wireless technology standard that is used for exchanging data over short distances. Bluetooth was created by Ericsson in the year 1994 and, since then, this technology has experienced immense improvement. There are numerous Bluetooth enabled devices in the market and it has made data exchange a breeze.


This is a powerful video sharing website that was created by three former Paypal employees. Since its inception, Youtube has grown stronger with every passing day and there are billions of people using it on a regular basis to upload and share interesting videos from all over the world. Youtube has also become a im portant advertising and training medium when coorporates are loading vides on their products and services as well as training videos.

Social Networking Websites

There are several social networking websites that have had a great impact on the way we interact on the Internet. Yes, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. have made it really easy to find our lost friends and even create a sense of solidarity among people with similar interest. Nothing can really beat these social media websites when it comes to building online repute and friends.


This is probably the most popular VoIP application in the entire world. It is a freemium (free premium) VoIP service that has caught like wild fire from the time of its release. Skype is used by people of every age as they can easily chat using voice, video, or text with anyone on their account list. Small enterprises and freelancers have made the most use of this application that has enabled them to stay connected with their clients and customers.


Nimbuzz is a very popular proprietary cross-platform instant messaging aggregator for tablets, smartphones and personal computers. It has been developed by Nimbuzz B.V. and has over 150 million registered users. This is being put to immense use by people who want to send messages, share images and locations.