Video Conferencing – Communication Made Easier

Telecommunication has reached a new level with the introduction of video conferencing system. Business executives can now hold meeting with their counterparts from any part of the world at the click of a mouse. The need to travel to the client’s site for a presentation or a meeting can now be avoided and the same results can be achieved with a video call from the confines of your office.

Video conferencing has been around for quite some time now. It did have a number of issues which stopped it from becoming popular. Video capturing cameras were bulky, expensive, and had low resolution. Inexpensive cameras were more plaything than ones that could be used for serious business discussion. Available bandwidth was low leading to sever interruptions and glitches.

With the passage of time, all these technical issues have been eliminated. Higher bandwidth is now available at the disposal of users and they can take full advantage of video conferencing.

For those whose still wonder about the value of video conferencing, here are some of the unique advantages of video conferencing that would make communication a breeze:

Easy to use
Video conferencing solutions available nowadays are really easy to install as well as use. Only a few clicks are required to install the application interface on your computer. In case you are installing the conferencing solution on your office network, you will be able to do so without any hassles though you might need the help of a qualified network engineer for the first time. Once installed, all you need is to understand how to use a remote control. The GUI of the video conferencing solution is as easy to use as a DVD player.

The video conferencing system can be integrated to your Outlook or other calendaring applications. This can be shared with all the participants. You can schedule conferences for a particular date and time and send reminders to all who are supposed to attend the conference.

Since, business travels can be reduced with the use of video conference so it would allow you to cut down on the fuel emissions. Thus, indirectly your migration to the video conferencing system will be a great help to the environment. Every year, a lot of pollution results out of the fuel emissions and your prudent choice for the video conferencing system will have a direct positive impact on the environment.

Enhanced Mobility
Employees working at remote offices will be able to stay in touch with one another and communicate when needed with the use of video conferencing system. This will help you build a culture of cohesiveness among all your employees. All your employees will be able to attend conferences even if they are separated by thousands of miles. Thus, adopting a video conferencing solution will enhance mobility for your employees and colleagues.

Reliability & Security
The video conferencing system is highly reliable and secure as all the communication takes place over a secure network. The users can use the video conferencing system only when they use their username and password to log in to the network. There is also a security hierarchy that can be followed while conducting a video conference and users can be provided restricted privileges by the administrator.

Video and audio are encrypted and sent. Only the authorized receiving system will be able to decode the signals and display the video. If you video signal is caught by someone else, all they will see is garbage.

We can see that a better and efficient communication system can be built by the use of video conferencing systems. Employees can expect to enhance their productivity by effective communication with the client as well as their peers. Video conferencing can improve the work culture of a company.

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