Hardware Included With VoIP Systems

For those companies that might be considering a move to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based solution for their communications needs, we are sure that there are many questions you have. Not the least of these questions will be “What sort of hardware will I get with my VoIP system?”

IP Telephone

Of course the first piece of equipment you’ll get will be the IP phone itself. Just as one example, Toshiba has a line of IP phones, the 5000 series. It comes in several models, both in 4-line and 9-line versions. This is ideal for any SMB considering a move to VoIP.

The phones themselves have such features as:

  • an Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch which provides the fastest available network access
  • a large, backlit display, which provides exceptional readability even in variable light environments
  • a low profile and sleek design, including a unique tilt-base which allows versatile phone placement

The phone will announce a call through speaker or handset. Superior sound is offered through full duplex speakers. Common tasks can be completed easily with the help of onscreen prompts. Calling functions can be accessed easily with programmable one-touch buttons a headset interface is integrated into the phone

Toshiba has many other IP phone offerings, so please be sure and pick the one that is best for your company. There are many other vendors that offer IP phones as well.

Analog Telephone Adapter

The next piece of equipment that a company will receive is the analog telephone adapter. This is a simple box that will allow the connection of older non-IP phones to the new IP network. Typically it will include one or more standard RJ-11 phone jacks, and a USB jack that is used to connect to a computer. The computer then acts as the intermediary, transmitting the voice data converted by the adapter to the network. It will then perform the reverse task, taking the voice of the person being called, transmitting it to the adapter, where it is converted to a voice signal. It is then sent to the analog phone, where the caller hears it properly.

ADSL Modem/Router/VoIP Combos

Finally, in order to connect the internal phone system with the external world – the Internet – there will have to be some sort of interface. Usually this will be some sort of modem, either an ADSL or cable modem, a router, and a VoIP interface. Although it is sometimes possible to find this equipment in one box, it’s generally advisable to keep them separate. That way, if one part fails, then just that part can be replaced; the company won’t have to buy an entire new box.

In short, moving to VoIP can be something to be ready for. But, it doesn’t have to be scary. It can be one of the best moves a company ever makes – if it’s done right, and with the right tools.

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