Tips For Signing Up For a VoIP Service

Finally you have decided to give your old PSTN landline phone a nudge and move ahead with the idea of subscribing to the latest VoIP service. Well, VoIP is the latest craze that has caught the imagination of the information-hungry generation. The innumerable advanced telephony features offered by VoIP is definitely unbeatable but there are a few things that needs to be kept in mind before signing up for the VoIP service. Here are some of the tips for signing up for a VoIP service:

The Costs

Several VoIP service providers are functioning in the market and you need to choose the one that suits your budget. Do not choose the service provider that charges very high prices for installation or subscription. The initial set up costs of VoIP varies with the kind of service you choose and also the calling needs. For instance, if you wish to install VoIP at your home then you might want to retain your PSTN phones – this can be done by getting an ATA device that acts as a mediator between the router and your phone. The additional hardware will cost you more than any other VoIP installation. However, if you want to access VoIP from your PC only then you might not need any additional devices and the installation costs too would be lesser.

Contact Termination

VoIP service providers provide a contract that has all the details of the terms and conditions that would guide the usage. You need to go through the contract carefully so as to see that the clauses do not favor only the service provider. You should include the clause where the contract can be terminated within a short notice.


Do a little research on the support provided by the VoIP service provider. You need to keep in mind that the support provided the company will determine uninterrupted service you receive. The quality of the support of a company is the only element that makes it good or bad in front of its customers. Try to choose the company that has an impeccable record in the field of support.

Compatibility with PSTN Phones

If you are not ready to throw away your PSTN phones then you will have to choose a VoIP service provider that provides the hardware needed for using the PSTN with the VoIP. There are many service providers who do not provide support for the PSTN phones.

IP Mobility

Mobility is another important aspect that you must keep in mind before choosing the VoIP service. With the mobility factor coming into the lives of everyone, it is important that your VoIP service too provides VoIP for mobile phones. You must ask your service provider to inform you about the mobility options.


You should also try to know about the upgrade options available with you. Generally the upgrades are all done centrally and VoIP users do not have a role in it but still you must enquire about the same.

Emergency Service Calls

Emergency service calls from VoIP has often raised doubts among its users and you too must raise the question with your service provider. This is to ensure that you do not have to run helter-skelter during emergencies. See to it that 911 and other emergency numbers can be easily contacted or not.

Company Stability

This is something that should bother you the most because you do not wish to avail the services of a fly-by-night company. Prior to subscription, you should always carry out a background check of the company and choose the one that has a long presence in the market. It is advisable to ask your friends and colleagues for advice while choosing VoIP service provider.

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