Advantages of SIP

SIP refers to Session Initiation Protocol. This is a communication platform that helps you set up and terminate a communication session in a multimedia-rich unified environment. This is a basic framework of communication that includes VoIP, voice calls, video calls, text chat, and whiteboard session. With an active SIP system, you can carry out all types of multimedia communication within your office and outside. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of this breakthrough technology.

Rapid Return On Investment

SIP is a highly profitable investment. If you are planning to switch your existing communication system to SIP, go ahead, as you will get back your investment within a year’s time. SIP will allow you to save cost on phone bills. With SIP up and running, you will be able to host video and voice conferences with multiple participants. You can share almost anything in a SIP powered call conference.

Leverage Ubiquitous Broadband Availability

SIP offers you a unified communication platform rich in graphics and multi-media applications. You will never expect more out of communication than what SIP has to offer to you. It is a kind of a standalone communication solution which is highly secure and reliable for large scale usage. SIP works great with a standard broadband connection as it is a dedicated service. The other communication platform like VoIP requires at least 3G networks for smooth performance.

Enables Fast Geographic Growth

SIP comes with an innovative technology that enables users to locate and minimize the distance of calls across the globe. You can turn an international call to a local call using the SIP trunking facility. For example, if you make a call to China, the call will travel all the way to China on an IP network, and use PSTN circuit only for the last mile. SIP also allows you to use voice and data together in a single network stream. It gives you fast communication regardless of distance.

Reduced Call Costs

Call cost gets significantly reduced when you use SIP. This technology can be easily implemented in any large sized organization and you can save on communication costs of your company by using a SIP trunking account. You do not need to pay for multiple PRI connections as in the traditional communication system.

Unified Communications

SIP allows you to host unified communication using all the features in one session. You can exchange Data and Voice together in a single network stream and it is much better than using the expensive VoIP technology. The future potential of SIP communication is very high as more and more industries are now switching to SIP.

Increased Productivity

SIP offers you a huge productivity platform by offering you a unified communication system. You can use all your multimedia applications and documents in SIP. Exchanging data through SIP is fast, reliable and affordable. Productivity comes naturally when you implement a highly customizable technology that offers you to share anything over a secured communication session.


SIP is built for mobility. You need to host the service that can be accessed via any Internet enabled device. You can use your landline, digital drawing board, and other resources under SIP for unified communication which is user-friendly and highly mobile. SIP stays with you in the office and on the go.


As this is a basic communication framework, SIP is highly scalable. You can design your own communication pattern using the highly customizable module in SIP. You can seek technical help from SIP certified technicians for an error free and secured communication network for inter and intra circle communication.


SIP is a standalone system. You can use it with any application and communication device. SIP fits just perfectly with your existing communication system. The technology is slowly gaining popularity among the large and medium scale organizations.

SIP is the next big thing that promises to turn the concept of ‘Network as a Service’ into reality.

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