Why You Should Adopt VoIP

For a long time, the traditional telephone system was the only option for the business organizations for managing their communication system. With the advancement of technology and increasing popularity of Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) became a mature choice. Since then, majority of large as well as small business organizations opt for VoIP technology as the primary business communication tool. With many aspects of modern business operations which are tilting towards Internet-based environments, it only makes sense to adopt a VoIP system that works on the same networking.

By selecting a VoIP service provider who can handle a variety of communication tools such as voice calls, unified messaging, video calling and mobile resource management, organizations can easily reduce their expenditures and increase productivity.

The main aim of a business organization is to reduce unnecessary expenditure, increase productivity as well as managing employees, clients and stakeholders. All these features cannot be brought under a single platform in case of a PSTN connection. As a result the popularity and utility of PSTN connection is slowly eroding.

Proper communication system embedded with useful features is very much important. There are several reasons why you should adopt VoIP, if you have not already done so.

Affordable costs

The overall cost of a VoIP business telephone is cheaper when compared to that of a PSTN. Traditional telephone systems require expensive equipment such as EPABX, separate wiring, and many times a telephone operator. In the best case VoIP technology, the equipment can be hosted in the cloud and hence, there is nothing to bother about tangled wires and bulky equipment. You are also saved from the cost of maintaining all those physical equipment as in the case of PSTN connection. All the necessary features required are delivered over your Internet and LAN. Also, an organization can select appropriate packages from service provider according to the usage and budget limit. This significantly reduces your expenditure.

If you opt for an on-premise IP-PBX, you again save money. You can use your existing LAN infrastructure to install the IP-PBX. Your laptops, desktops can become end devices. The cost of the IP-PBX is more than compensated by the features such as DID, voice mail, and such. There is no need for a telephone operator unless you are looking for a completely professional environment. And being computer based, an IP-PBX can be programmed to your liking.

Multiple calling facilities:

A traditional PSTN telephone system generally allows only a two way talk at a particular time. In VoIP business telephone system, multi calling feature including conference calling and group calling are available. This is an important advantage to most businesses.  This lets user avoid the waiting time to make a call and discuss with colleagues and partners. This also makes it easier for management, employees, administration and business associates to communicate with each other and also with the clients.

Improved voice quality:

VoIP business phone system outperforms traditional phone system when it comes to call clarity and resilience. The smooth and stellar voice quality which is available with VoIP is very essential while communicating within or outside the organization. With good Internet connection, the same voice clarity will carry across the world.

Large number of features:

Besides supporting multiple simultaneous calls, VoIP provides several useful features which are not included in traditional phone system. These features may vary depending on the service provider chosen, but the most of them have some common features as listed below:

  1. Caller ID
  2. Call forwarding
  3. Call waiting
  4. Call blocking
  5. Voicemail
  6. Fax
  7. 411 directory
  8. Last number redial

Some service providers and products also deliver advanced features including call transfer, speed dialling, return call, SMS service and area code selection. All these features are included in a single VoIP connection and that too at an affordable cost.


Easy accessibility to the end user is a common issue for many business organizations. VoIP technology offers mobility options to the business. VoIP mobility streamlines the sales staff as well as technical support to create more cohesive communication throughout the office. VoIP mobility is the ability to use VoIP service also while moving from one place to another without any discontinuation of service.

Other than the benefits sited above, there are also innumerable advantages of VoIP technology for development of business.

Don’t delay moving to VoIP as your primary communication medium. Call us today and we will help you make the transition smoothly.

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