The Role of Unified Communications in Business

Unified CommunicationsEvery business aims at beating the competition and creating an unbeatable reputation in the market. Now, this is possible only by maximizing productivity and making optimum use of all resources at your disposal. Every business is aware that it can enhance its performance and thereby achieve success by improving its efficiency in all the departments.

Role of Technology

Technology plays a very significant role in making business processes faster, efficient and easier. The optimization of business processes leads to cost cutting and seamless operations. The advanced communications tools have facilitated easy connection with clients and even the employees are able to connect and collaborate with their colleagues, irrespective of their location. Efficiency in an enterprise’s communication eventually leads to efficiency in all the departments of a business.

New Channels of Communication

The advancement in the communication technology has given rise to a variety of new communication channels and devices. These devices are not only distinct but can also work with one another creating a seamless communication system. Unified Communication is a technology that has yielded positive dividends for the users as it provides a single platform for all the enterprise communication channels and devices. Unified Communication is a solution that incorporates a variety of applications as well as media like the email, voicemail, telephone, white-boarding, fax, web, audio and video conferencing, and, even instant messaging. Connection among these applications is perfectly seamless and there is a simple front end to operate and manage them.

Here are some of the important roles played by Unified Communication solutions when implemented in a business:

Maximize Work Time

Employees are able to use the communications systems from anywhere and at any point in time so the working hours can be easily stretched (obviously without stressing out the employees). There is no restriction on work timing and employees are able to work from the comfort of their homes. Thus, they never feel the pressure of work while doubling up their productivity.

Minimize Travel

The web, audio and video conferencing solutions offered with the Unified Communication systems minimizes travel time considerably. Executives and business leaders need not go to the client’s site for meetings. Meetings and conferences can be arranged at a very short notice and these will be as good as the face-to-face meetings.

Access With A Single Sign-On

The myriad communication applications that form part of UC can be accessed from a simple front end and this can be done through a single log in. Thus, the employee who wants to access fax or voicemail needs to just sign in to the central system and access not only these, but every other application in the UC box.

Work Anywhere

Unified Communications has been able to lift all the geographical barriers as employees are able to work from anywhere. They will be able to get access to the central system and communicate at will. Neither the time nor the location is of any importance as the employees are able to work even while they are thousands of miles away from the office. All that is needed a good connection to the Net, and that has become quite common today.

Share Data

Real-time data sharing gives unique advantage to any business and Unified Communications facilitates this perfectly. Business executives will be able to share data on a real time basis with the help of various applications.

Unified Communication is the future of communication and has the power to take enterprise communication to a completely new level. Enterprise communication has a new meaning with the Unified Communication being adopted rapidly by all the major companies in the world.

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