Hosted VoIP & Disaster Management

Hosted VoIP & Disaster ManagementThe perception about VoIP is that of a money saving technology which helps organizations reduce their telephone bills and enhance their bottom line. However, people often tend to forget that the primary purpose of migrating to VoIP is to ensure seamless and continuous connectivity during critical business communications. As users of VoIP we need to realize that it is an essential technology that helps us to keep our business running even during the worst disaster. A recent survey has revealed that companies in North America are losing about $26.5 billion because of the IT downtime, which can be easily saved by taking the necessary safeguards against such disasters. It is better to stay alert and avert any kind of disasters because a little care can save you thousands of dollars.

Landlines And Failures

For those who use landline or traditional telephone systems, a failure in the phone system can incur huge losses for the company and the company can even lose customer goodwill. There are several benefits of investing on hosted VoIP or PBX systems. The first and the foremost advantage is that you will never have to worry about installation and maintenance of expensive and complex hardware equipments. The telecom infrastructure that you avail is deployed at some other remote location that can be connected over the internet. Thus, in case your office faces some or the other disaster like flood, power cuts or any other manmade disaster then you can still continue to access your centralized communication system located at a remote location. There won’t be any break in the continuity of your business communication system.


Besides this, if you do not have access to your handset, you can always use the softphone apps that can help you to communicate only with the help of your laptop, smartphone or tablet that has an internet connection. Hosted VoIP systems can even help you to carry our business communication from any desired location. Thus, if you have a problem at office, you might get started from the comfortable couch at home!

About Nebula Solutions

Nebula Solutions (originally Technology Convergence Group (TCG)) is a provider of business telecommunication solutions in the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio areas. Nebula Solutions is a Toshiba Platinum Dealer, which is the highest attainable certification level. Nebula Solutions supports all Toshiba telephone systems from the IPedge VoIP system all the way to Strata communication systems. At Nebula Solutions, our technicians are Toshiba certified and have an average of over 20 years of experience.

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