What is WAN, and Why Should You Care?

With so many tech acronyms floating around out there, it can be difficult to remember what they mean and why they are important. However, it is essential that business owners and leaders understand their connectivity options so that they can make more informed decisions about how their business internally communicates, shares information, and works together. When it comes to connectivity, a wide area network, or WAN, can help businesses with widespread offices and employees better connect and collaborate.

What is WAN (Wide Area Network)?

A wide area network is telecommunications network that interconnects multiple local area networks, or LANs, that are distributed over different geographic areas. WANs can span cities, states, or countries. A WAN can be public, connecting many smaller networks together, or it can be private, connecting different parts of one business organization together.

One of the simplest ways to understand how a WAN works is to look at the internet. In its entirety, the internet makes up the world’s largest WAN as it connects many smaller LANs together through the use of Internet Service Providers, or ISPs.

When it comes to business organizations, WANs function on a much smaller scale than the internet. A company’s WAN may incorporate company headquarters, smaller branch offices, and cloud services. In this case, the WAN is used to connect all of these smaller business networks together so that they can communicate with one another from different locations.

Importance of WAN to Business Success

If your business has more than one office, it is vital that you find ways for employees at these geographically dispersed locations to communicate and collaborate effectively for the greater success of the company. The WAN plays an important role in helping your business function across locations. This is especially true as the use of real-time applications, public cloud applications, and mobile devices continues to grow in the workplace.

Enterprise WANs make it possible for your employees to share access to different applications, resources, and services that are centrally located. By utilizing a WAN, you can eliminate the need for employees in different offices to install the same resource or application service in multiple locations, making communication and collaboration more efficient across multiple office locations, no matter where they are located.

Addressing Your Business Communication Challenges

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What You Need to Know About 5G

Who doesn’t want faster data speeds and more reliable service? Well, that is just what 5G promises to deliver. As the next generation of wireless networks, 5G will allow users to enjoy faster and more reliable service that can support tons of innovative technologies like virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and even self-driving vehicles. But what does this mean for business owners? And when will you be able to access 5G networks? We’ll cover all of this and more in our breakdown of 5G below.

Guide to Understanding 5G

5G stands for fifth generation, and it’s the newest mobile wireless standard. You may be wondering how this differs from the 4G and 3G networks before it. When 3G came about in the early 2000s, it changed the way we communicated by allowing mobile users to receive a signal from the nearest phone tower for phone calls, messaging, and data. When 4G arrived, it was a better version of 3G, providing a faster connection and lower lag times. 5G connections are promising to be even faster than 4G with download times of 450 Mbps in single-stream, 900 Mbps in dual-stream, and 1.3G bps in three-stream.

5G promises to transform the way we communicate with one another and how we interact with our technologies. Not only will 5G be faster, but it will provide more reliable service, thus enhancing the way we communicate. This next generation of wireless networks also has the potential to boost the development of technologies like IoT, which help individuals better connect to the world around them and automate different systems for convenience.

Right now, it looks as if 5G networks will not deploy until the early 2020s. 5G is still in the planning stages as companies begin to explore the possibilities and work to develop 5G networks and capable devices. However, all companies and industry groups with a stake in 5G agree on one thing – it will be able to handle more traffic at higher speeds than our current cellular networks.

How 5G Benefits Business

There are a few ways that 5G has the potential to benefit businesses. Perhaps one of the most interesting benefits is its ability to enhance the consumer experience. Virtual reality and 3D imaging made possible by 5G connectivity will make it possible for businesses to provide a more interactive experience for their customers. From test-driving a car to testing products before purchase, the virtual reality experience has many applications for business owners.

For those business owners who may not be interested in using 5G capabilities to create a more interactive marketing experience, there is still benefit in a faster and more reliable wireless connection. Not only will 5G improve video calls for internal communications, but its faster speeds and potential to support new technologies will also allow businesses to provide better customer service remotely.

Enhance the Way Your Business Communicates

While you may have to wait a little while to enjoy the perks of 5G, you don’t have to wait to get the telecom solutions your business needs for faster and more reliable communication. Call us today to schedule consultation to find out which solutions might be right for you: (888) 257-0955.