Is Your Business Ready to Switch to VoIP?

VoIP has revolutionized the way businesses communicate. It offers a wide range of benefits that work with just about any type of business, from small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) to global retail franchises. If you haven’t made the switch to VoIP yet, you should consider it.

In today’s post, cloud phone system provider Nebula Solutions shares how to tell if your business is ready to switch to VoIP.

You’re growing but are on a budget. It’s always a good thing if your business is growing despite the restrictions put into place due to COVID-19. But growth means you need to make space for it. On a legacy system, this means you have to have the resources to purchase new equipment, such as cabling and desk phones, as well as provide for other requirements like user credentials and network access.

Switching to VoIP can help you cut down on operational costs even as your company is hiring new staff and opening new sites. As a cloud phone system, VoIP makes this process virtually instantaneous. VoIP also helps reduce the cost of international calls by up to 90%, which can help you further expand your business to other countries.

You have limited technical resources. Legacy systems rely on hardware to facilitate communication. In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of modern communication, you have to periodically upgrade your systems. Upgrading a hardware-based system can be costly, and will take a lot of man hours. There’s also the risk of compatibility issues, which could result in more downtime. With VoIP, this isn’t a problem. Upgrades take place in a virtual environment and are typically backwards-compatible in terms of hardware.

You want to improve your company’s productivity. Using different applications for email, instant messaging and videoconferencing can take away time that would’ve otherwise been dedicated to being productive. And that’s just the internal communications: add separate interfaces for communicating with customers, including a messaging and ticketing system, and you can see how this can hamper productivity. A VoIP system seamlessly integrates all of these tools and applications in one environment, which can help your staff focus more on their tasks.

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