3 Cloud Phone Myths That Are Barriers for Collaboration

Businesses across the world are migrating to the cloud phone but there are still some who haven’t embraced the change. Obvious reasons for not making the move exist and this often includes concerns pertaining to security, productivity and adoption costs.

The legacy tools for file sharing and collaboration can’t match the needs and pace of modern businesses. These inefficient tools prove to be a hindrance to productivity and often increase the cost of production. Modern businesses must realize the importance of adopting technologies and tools that help employees to work from any location with complete access to the type of information they need. Businesses that fail to realize this need are going to be left behind their competitors. In this blog post, we are going to bust some of the myths associated with the adoption of technologies like cloud phone systems that prevent businesses from making the right move quickly:

Myth 1: On-Premise Solutions Have Best Security

Companies consider on-premise phone systems and data solutions as safe bets because they believe that they have absolute control over sensitive data or information. However, according to recent news reports, most recent data breaches have occurred within on-premise systems. Some of the security issues that can plague on-premise systems include:

  • Human error – People are prone to committing mistakes and simple human error can result in high-profile data breaches.
  • Misplaced devices too can result in data breaches where it is not possible to even remotely wipe out the information.
  • Physical breaches can affect your on-premise systems and you will have to keep adopting new security technologies like biometric authentication or disaster management.

However, as with any cloud-based systems, cloud phone also have access to advanced security capabilities that can resolve issues quickly. Since the content is stored in the cloud, you not only gain visibility but also absolute control on data access and sharing. Data stored in the cloud can be remotely repaired when a device gets misplaced or lost.

Moreover, your cloud phone systems, data, and other tools are being handled by experienced and dedicated experts. They will ensure that all data security protocols are implemented and any breach is taken care of at lightning speed.

MYTH 2: Investment in Hardware is Scalable

Even a few years back, investment in hardware was being considered safe. However, with a company’s growth, server storage space actually decreases. On the other hand, maintenance hours and costs keep growing. Businesses often grow at an unpredictable rate and it’s impractical to be investing in hardware when you are not sure about the growth of your company.

Since there is a wide range of cloud-based tools and solutions available in the market, it is better to opt for the superior alternative. These solutions are known to be reliable, efficient, faster and fault-tolerant. Single point hardware failure is not possible in the cloud and you can safeguard your company from unpredictable data losses.

The situation with a phone system is similar. You mentally think you are planning for the future and get an on-premise phone that is way beyond you requirements. And, this is an investment that is sunk forever. With a cloud phone, you have options to add extensions in small numbers and even scale back when you don’t need the extensions. Features, capabilities and facilities are scalable up and down.

MYTH 3: Reliance on FTPs is Forever.

FTP servers were once the lifeblood of business, which facilitated file sharing and collaboration. However, with the change in the workplace, external collaboration, and on-the-go productivity has become necessary. FTP’s aren’t flexible enough and the technology is decades old. It does not offer any kind of data encryption, which leaves your data completely exposed.

Modern businesses should go for the cloud-based alternatives that are more adaptable and flexible than FTP can ever be. You will be able to share files and collaborate easily from your mobile devices anywhere.

A cloud phone system is not dependent on an FTP. It is completely IP based and the IPs are dynamic. At the server end, the cloud phone uses a large number of IP addresses so that your calls are never held up. At the client end, the cloud phone system does not even expect a static IP address. It recognizes you through the log-in, and set up a session based on your current IP address. You can log off, move on and reconnect, and the cloud phone system will still recognize you.

It is time to understand these and other myths and embrace cloud phone and other cloud-based system for your business.

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