4 Costliest Mistakes When Switching Business Phone Systems

Switching from a traditional private branch exchange to business Internet phone service is rarely a bad decision, especially when your current system doesn’t deliver as it should. However, many businesses make costly mistakes during the transition. Avoid the following errors to make the most of this change:

Focusing Too Much on Current Needs

Assessing what your current phone system isn’t able to do for your business is necessary in order to find a suitable replacement with the necessary features. However, you shouldn’t switch without foresight.

A telecommunications contract is a lengthy commitment, which you can’t get out of easily without penalties. Take your business’s growth in the near future into consideration to avoid the hassle of another upgrade sooner than desired.

Choosing the Lowest Bidder

It’s imperative to get the most bang for your buck, but this doesn’t mean blindly going with the vendor that charges the least. You might rationalize your choice because you would get you most of what you need, but your new system must satisfy 100% of your requirements.

While getting all the bells and whistles unnecessarily is a bad move, you also shouldn’t settle for less. Don’t get caught up in initial savings at the expense of long-term gains.

Failing to Shop Around 

Benefit from the competition. Get as many estimates as you can from different carriers to see which plans provide the most value. Seek telecommunications consulting to tap extensive market intelligence you otherwise can’t use to your advantage.

Disregarding Compatibility

Don’t overlook potential infrastructure issues. Using a business phone system incompatible with the other technologies your company is using may inflate your overall costs.

Get Expert Advice About Cloud-Based or Internet Phone Service

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