4 New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses and How We Can Help Achieve Them

New Year’s resolutions may seem like a silly tradition, but it can also be an opportunity to stand back and contemplate changes for the betterment of your business. In this post, our business cloud solutions provider Nebula Solutions recommends some New Year’s resolutions that will be beneficial to your business, and outlines how we can help you achieve them.

Market Nationwide — One of the greatest challenges of running a business is expansion. A small local business would have had a hard time achieving this back in the day, but now it’s entirely doable with a secure cloud phone system. You can conduct virtual meetings and webinars–and perhaps even close some new deals in the process–all without having to spend a lot of resources on setting up meetings and traveling back and forth.

Make Your Workforce Mobile — One of the consequences of going nationwide is that, at some point, you’ll need an expanded workforce to manage your daily operations. This means you’ll need to handle supply chains and delegate responsibilities to staff that are sometimes located several time zones away. A reliable cloud phone system can bridge the geographical gap with a virtual communications system that doesn’t rely on a physical server. You can have a truly mobile workforce that will be able to handle the increased coverage.

Rewrite Your Business Continuity Plans — A business continuity plan is a series of instructions that help mitigate disruptions caused by inclement weather, building repairs or any other situations that prevent you or your staff from being able to work at your workplace. With a cloud-based system, your workers can work virtually anywhere: at home, at a cafe or anywhere where there’s a working internet connection. You and your staff will be able to receive calls without changing phone numbers, which will help keep your business on track.

Save on Support Costs — If you’ve ever had to maintain a traditional business phone setup, then you would’ve had to deal with calling ISP and service technician support lines. You would’ve also had to deal with repair appointments that were never quite on time, the cost of repairs and hardware replacement and the risk of irretrievable data. With a cloud-based system, maintenance requirements are kept to a bare minimum, which leaves you with less headaches and more savings.

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