4 Top Trends in Business Communications Technology

Communication technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with faster and more efficient business communications ever on an upward trend. This is all thanks to developments such as VoIP phone systems and cloud-based phone systems.  Today Nebula Solutions is here to share this year’s top tech trends.

App Integration — Smartphone and tablet technology has reached the point where these devices can be used as productivity machines and secure payment portals. Small businesses can now set up custom apps to run their businesses from virtually anywhere. No need to spend a fortune on elaborate setups and proprietary peripherals to interface with customers and workers alike.

Cloud-Based Solutions — Cloud computing has become more accessible thanks to improvements in mobile Internet speeds and devices compatible with these technologies. Just a few years ago, one needed an elaborate setup to connect to a VoIP-based network. Today, one can do so with a single laptop (or even a mobile device) connected to a residential internet line.

Remote Teams — The number of remote workers has been steadily rising over the past few years, which has made remote teams possible without compromising the quality of work. For this reason, tools that enable effective communication and collaboration have become more essential. Businesses rely on VoIP systems as the backbone of all their communication needs. It offers the flexibility and functionality needed to manage team members in multiple locations—even those located across the globe.

5G Technology — The successor to LTE (4G) technology started rolling out as of December 2018 in South Korea, with a planned global rollout to be completed by April 2020. 5G is expected to hit mobile internet speeds of up to 20 gigabits per second (Gbps), which could be a game changer for businesses that rely on VoIP and cloud computing solutions.

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