4 Types of VoIP Call Quality Problems and How to Fix Them

If you’ve been using a VoIP system for some time, you ve probably had at least a few instances where you experienced poor call quality. In this blog, hosted telephone system provider Nebula Solutions shares an overview of the various causes of poor VoIP call quality and how this can be fixed.

Jitter — Information is sent over the internet through data packets, which are sent in pieces and reassembled at the recipient’s end. An efficient transmission should reassemble data packets in the proper order. Network latency causes packets to arrive out of sequence, resulting in audio jitter. Investing in a low-latency VoIP service that uses jitter buffers can help minimize jitter and maintain clear call quality.

Latency — Call latency—which is different from the previously-described data latency—is a noticeable delay in voice transmission, which often sounds like an echo. This can be caused by a delay in transmitting data over a long distance or network congestion. Latency usually happens in high-volume environments such as major call centers. A VoIP phone service that allows prioritizing traffic, in this case voice-over data, can help minimize call latency.

Poor Internet Connection — Most internet service providers (ISPs) offer services designed for surfing the web, where response time is not as critical. While a VoIP service may work on a standard internet connection, the user experience can be less than satisfactory. Investing in equipment designed for VoIP use or working with a dedicated VoIP service provider can dramatically improve your existing business internet connection.

Outdated Equipment — Some companies use inherited hardware from a previous tenant to save on installation time and costs. This can result in outdated equipment limiting your VoIP system’s capabilities. It may also make it difficult to pinpoint problems, which can lead to longer repair turnaround times. When moving into a new location, it’s better to have everything stripped out and work with a dedicated VoIP provider. In addition to eliminating compatibility issues, your organization can benefit from optimized performance without being hindered by outdated equipment.

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