4 Ways Your Traditional Phone System is Holding You Back

If your business still relies on traditional phone systems, you may be missing out on the benefits of VoIP or cloud-based business phone systems. In this blog, Nebula Solutions discusses how your traditional phone system may be holding your business back.

Traditional Phone Systems are More Expensive — Traditional phone systems require an all-hardware setup, which includes desk phones, cabling and a switchboard system. Moving to a cloud-based phone system makes most hardware optional, as calls are routed through the internet. This also helps reduce the amount of personnel required to operate and maintain it.

Traditional Phone Systems Require More Maintenance — Given the amount of hardware required to set them up, traditional phone systems require more maintenance compared to cloud-based systems. It also takes a while to isolate and troubleshoot problems, so repair work tends to take longer to complete. Switching to a digital system eliminates such problems, which helps maintain business continuity.

Traditional Phone Systems Aren’t Easily Expandable — It takes a lot of work to set up a new workstation when a new hire comes in. Requisitions and installation of hardware, routing and phone extensions take the better part of a day to complete. By contrast, a new employee can be set up with a new, fully-provisioned desk within hours with a cloud-based system. Most business phone carriers let businesses keep their phone numbers and extensions, so transitioning should be virtually seamless. This also means you can have a team that’s as big or small as you need; you’re only limited by the strength of your internet connection.

Traditional Phone Systems Restrict Access to Phones — Traditional phone systems chain the worker to the desk, which eliminates the option for telecommuting unless the office phone has call rerouting options. Cloud-based phone systems allow mobility, and can be used with any working internet connection without rerouting. This gives employees the option to work remotely or in the field without missing calls.

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