5 Qualities of a Good Unified Messaging System

You should already be familiar with unified messaging systems if you’ve ever used a messaging app that allows calls and messaging. Unified messaging systems in businesses are tailored to your company’s needs, which means you’ll need a good unified messaging system provider. In this blog, small business phone system provider Nebula Solutions discusses the qualities you should look for in a unified messaging system.

Integration With Leading Phone and Messaging Systems — Not all businesses have the luxury of buying a completely new set of hardware every time they switch providers. A good unified messaging system should be compatible with leading phone systems such as Avaya and Cisco, as well as messaging platforms such as Skype, Google Mail and Microsoft Exchange. In the event that one needs to switch or upgrade their system, transitioning from one type to another shouldn’t be difficult.

Business Class Dedicated Internet Connection — A business connection isn’t all about the bandwidth. Whether your business requires a small business phone system or a multi-site, multinational communications system, the internet connection must be stable and able to handle a high amount traffic.

Built-In Security Features — A lot of confidential information will be coursed through your messaging system, so you need security features that can protect your data from internal and external threats.

Expandability and Adaptability — One of the greatest benefits of using a unified messaging system—and cloud-based systems, in general—is that it can be tailored to meet specific company needs. Your unified messaging system provider should provide a system that makes it easy to adapt to your changing business needs.

Continuity Plan — Your unified messaging system should be accessible in the event of an emergency or disaster to ensure business continuity. Having your data stored in a reliable cloud system helps ensure that your company communications continue with minimal to zero data loss, even in extreme situations.

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