5 Reasons Why Employees Dislike VOIP Phone

The entire world of telecommunications has been through a transformation after the introduction of VoIP Phone System. More and more companies, regardless of their scale and size, are opting for this new state-of-the-art communication technology. However, not everything is good in VoIP. In fact, there are some reasons which are more than enough to make you dislike VoIP.

Let us look at 5 of these reasons.

Limitations of Devices

VoIP has limitations in terms of usage depending upon the device the recipient is using. You can use the full features of the service only if equivalent equipment is used at both ends. Thus, a person who is calling from computer to one having a computer will have more options and advantages than the one who is calling from a computer to a phone.

Emergency & Power Outages

One of the objectives of VoIP is to completely do away with conventional PSTN system. Once this is done, and your VoIP phone system breaks down for some reason, there is no way you can make an emergency call.

Some service providers do provide a solution to this problem. However, it is a huge problem particularly if people do not have any mobile phone or for those who have entirely disconnected their conventional land line service.

Again, when there is a power outage, unless there is some kind of battery backup available, the entire set up can just go blind. A conventional PSTN line carries it’s own power and is not dependent upon external power requirements. Unlike that, VoIP does need external power. Whenever power goes off, the VoIP phone system also goes off. This is a huge handicap that has made some people raise a red flag at VoIP.

High Speed Internet Connection

To make sure that the full benefit of VoIP phone is enjoyed, availability of high speed and uninterrupted Internet connectivity is a must – something that is not always available in all places.

New Technology

Though it has been around for quite a few years, VoIP phone is still a comparatively newer technology. Hence some people feel it is still not that tried and true. One of the most prominent complaints against VoIP system has been that the calls that are made over a VoIP phone are always associated with a buzzing tone that plays in the background. At times there is also an echo that you can hear during a conversation.

Furthermore, since the technology is relatively new, there is still a lot of room for improvements. And, a number of issues that need to be plugged.

The qualitative quotient is definitely higher in VoIP phone. However, it also drives the prices, as more and more service providers look forward to win more customers and get more business. That is the reason when it comes to opting for a VoIP setup, a number of factors have to be taken into account – a fact that often leaves people confused.

Difference in Service

There are a number of companies that offer VoIP phone services with varied features and support systems. Hence, it is imperative that before opting for a system, you need to understand the details of the terms and conditions that are offered. At times, all these factors become highly confusing. This forces businesses to opt for a service that does not meet their exact requirements. This might make some people avoid VoIP completely for the fear of being misguided.

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