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5 VoIP Features For Your Business

We all use VoIP, but are we aware what VoIP features are important for daily use?

Every sphere of our lives is undergoing technical advancements. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has brought about a change in the traditional Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN). This is seen as a welcome change by small businesses and large companies alike as VoIP is certainly more cost effective than PSTN. Apart from this, it also offers a large number of features that is not possible in the legacy PSTN systems. With VoIP, you move a step forward towards Unified Communications or UC, which is going to be the buzzword for businesses in near future.

5 features that are the highlights of VoIP for any business are discussed below:

#1 Auto Attendant

With this exclusive VoIP feature, you can have an electronic receptionist! Yes, a hidden gem of VoIP services, auto attendant acts as virtual assistant. It automatically performs the function of a telephone operator. You will be allowed to set a menu which will guide your callers to choose an extension that they want. They can select from a variety of options like business hours, directions, departments, extensions or any prerecorded messages. Just set the auto attendant and get your calls answered 24/7. Even your best receptionist wouldn’t have been available for 24 hours a day!

#2 Find Me Follow Me

‘Find Me Follow Me’ is another of VoIP features that is a call forwarding service. With it, you can forward your incoming calls to any other number where you are available including your cell phone. Users are allowed to route to several numbers so that their clients are always able to reach them when they want. ‘Presence’ is a feature that makes it possible for routing calls to an individual. A caller can also leave a voicemail if they are unable to reach through call forwarding.

Important messages are thus always accessible by the business associates. Businesses have to often collaborate with foreign business associates and they may not always call during office hours. This is when such services come handy.

#3 Call Recording

In businesses, you may have to record calls for various purpose including security and legal requirements. This feature is not available in any PSTN system. Even if they are available, they are cumbersome and expensive, and would need additional hardware. Many times, you have initiate and stop the recording. With one more of VoIP features, recording calls is easy and does not need any additional hardware. Remember, VoIP works on a computer network. And, that network already has all the hardware needed. Just a simple software switch will instruct the VoIP system to record calls. In addition, since the recorded calls are also data files, you can email them and process them any way you want.

#4 DND

DND or Do Not Disturb allows you to do just what the name suggests. It leaves you undisturbed when you want. Once you turn it on, you can easily block incoming calls to your number. When you are attending any conferences, seminars, or, meetings, you can easily stop unwanted calls from disturbing you. It allows you to program it in such way that while you are not attending the call, you can forward them to voice mail or any other destination. That way you don’t lose anything.

#5 Click-to-Call Me

If you want your potential customer to call you directly from your website or emails, ‘Click to Call Me’ is the best way VoIP can help you. This feature allows you to set a number on your website or as part of your signature. Your customers will click on the number provided by you and dial their own number. With this, both the customer phone and your business phone will ring that will enable the customer to connect with you with just a click!

Apart from these exclusive VoIP features, you will also get many other features that make your business look professional and customer oriented. Check out these and other features in the VoIP system we provide.

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