5 VOIP Tools For Communication System

The introduction of VoIP has not only revolutionized the realm of communication system, but has also paved the ways for invention of certain tools that have collectively or individually made our life easier.

Though VoIP delivers advanced technology to the customers, the values are not necessarily recognized by the users.

Today you can use a number of tools to enhance the utility of VoIP and understand the technical advantage it provides. There are a number of these tools. Let us discuss 5 of these:

Number Portability Tool

This is a unique facility that the VoIP based communication system has paved the way for, wherein the existing customers of a certain service provider are able to move on to a new carrier or service provider. This particular tool enables the users to input a certain number or a set of numbers to determine whether the users or their partners can port the number on their respective network. The porting tool also provides the users the ability to look into all the value added features that are provided, like SMS, E911 or CNAM or so on. The tool also provides the option of spot checking of the network. It also helps people to see if the network needs any additional work with the carrier partners.

Complete Information For Authorization

Most of the carriers today have porting numbers. However, a vast majority of them take care of requests from the users in an archaic way. The advent of VoIP has also introduced a special kind of tool, which handles the requests from the users to provide emails that carry the complete information.

Interactive Coverage Maps

This is another very significant advantage of the VoIP based communication system, wherein people are able to see for themselves in a transparent way, the area under the coverage of the service provider they have opted for. In most of the cases, this tool is an interactive one, so that the users are able to zoom in or zoom out, to adjust the map as per their respective requirements. Online APIs, like Google would allow people nowadays to create as well as embed a particular map of an area.

VoIP Security Tools For Communication System

There are some exclusive tools that have been introduced to guarantee that the VoIP based communication system runs simultaneously and that also without compromising with the safety and security of the data involved. Thus, these tools generally come out with the following features:

  • Exclusive firewalls for the use of VoIP based traffic
  • Ability to capture real-life footage of the VoIP events such as flow of calls and the signaling session allocation.
  • Introduction of scanners that are specially designed for checking network vulnerability
  • SIP based network scanners

These tools make sure that there is no pilferage of the data or cases of data sharing, without authorization.

Google Trends

This is another VoIP based communication system tool that helps users find things in and around a particular place. This comes as a bit of a relief for those who are in a place for the first time. The tool will provide people to find the lost keyword data and help them in enabling the local searches for free. This naturally makes the tool extremely effective. With the help of this tool people can easily enter a particular search item and filter by region and event quality or nature of item he is looking for.

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