Are Landlines More Secure Than VoIP Phones?

Privacy has never been more important than it is today, which is why many business owners have questions about the security of a cloud phone system. You’ll find no shortage of news stories showing how some unscrupulous individuals exploit flaws in VoIP security, which turns people away from making the switch to cloud-based phone systems.  Unsurprisingly, there are businesses that are on the fence about whether or not VoIP is the way to go for all their communication needs. 

The only other alternative is to stick with traditional phone lines, but these aren’t without their own security problems. From a business perspective, it’s important to compare these two systems and find out which one offers better security and privacy. This is exactly what our experts at Nebula Solutions set out to determine.

A Closer Look at Communications

In a VoIP phone system, voice calls go through packet switching. This process breaks down voice data into digital packets, disassembles them and sends them through the internet. Once they reach their destination, the packets are rearranged and fed back to the user. This process is the main defining feature of VoIP systems, and also the reason why they’re free. Unfortunately, compared to traditional phone lines, it’s also easier for hackers to intercept these packets while in transit.

Are Traditional Phone Lines More Secure?

Are landlines better at securing your privacy? Not necessarily. It does take more effort for hackers to intercept landlines, which are often not connected to the internet, but it’s not entirely impossible. A popular example of this is wiretapping. Comparing the security of the two must always include a thorough examination of the two systems, as well as your own business’ needs.

Encrypted VoIP is the Solution

VoIP providers, however, offer plenty of business cloud solutions with enhanced security features to protect the privacy of your company and clients. This includes voice data encryption services that scramble the data packets into a system that’s incomprehensible without the proper key.

Learn More About How We Can Help Secure Your Privacy

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