Business Problems that UC Addresses

For those who are looking to make sure that their businesses run with all the efficiency and acumen, it is imperative that they take the best possible step forward to implement the concept of UC, or, unified communications.

Unified Communication or UC essentially means a communication system, wherein any kind of message that is sent from one end, reaches the other end successfully. Technically speaking, this can be put into effect by the use of the TCP/IP network, which is already in place. The system can be set up to put an entire office and its various departments under one communication umbrella.

Let us look into some of the problems that are solved by a UC system.

UC Eases Business Communication

First, when a unified communication is in place, it becomes a lot easier for businesses to reach out to their clients, associates or other stakeholders, irrespective of their location or time, and regardless of the fact whether the individuals in question are sitting at computers or not. VoIP based telephones, video calling, etc., becomes much easier when unified communication is used.

Also, using a UC system ensures the all the necessary updates are readily available on time when they are needed. If there is any need for field work, or if is not possible to get access to the office equipment or get back to the office, it becomes possible to contact the business associates regardless of their location. Thus, UC will plug the communication loopholes that play spoilsport to seamless business activities at times.

UC Unifies Your Operation In Real Time

With real-time information readily accessible at the fingertip, it becomes much easier to make critical decisions in regards to various situations. More so, with the advent of conferencing, which is another key feature of UC, it becomes much easier to take note of various situations and solve them after real-time consultation with business associates and stakeholders.

UC in an office plays the most important role of getting all the operational departments and aspects under one umbrella. With an increased and seamless communication between members, chances of miscommunication or lack of communication are largely negated and this helps the office to face issues as a unit, even more so in the time of an emergency.

With IP telephony utilizing UC platform, it becomes possible for the businesses to provide low-cost applications along with various multiple communication solutions onto a unified and shared platform. This will also help businesses avoid the frustration of purchasing additional hardware systems. Also, unified communication will vastly enhance the productivity, due to the improvement of overall efficiency of the employees, as and when they need to interact or share critical data to come to quick solutions of the business problems that they have at hand.

To be frank, there is no limitation to the scale of the businesses that are gained from UC platforms. The UC platforms just need to be customized or designed to fit the specific needs or requirements of the business. There is no hard and fast rule that a business will have to be large scale to benefit from UC. What a business needs to have is just a vision and UC will show the way if implemented properly.

Unified Communication is an investment for any business – there is no doubt about it. However, the difference is that it is a one-time investment and that it starts paying itself off with time, as the business is more and more benefited by UC.

About Nebula Solutions

Nebula Solutions (originally Technology Convergence Group (TCG)) is a provider of business telecommunication solutions in the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio areas. Nebula Solutions is a Toshiba Platinum Dealer, which is the highest attainable certification level. Nebula Solutions supports all Toshiba telephone systems from the IPedge VoIP system all the way to Strata communication systems. At Nebula Solutions, our technicians are Toshiba certified and have an average of over 20 years of experience.

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