What is Cloud Computing? A Non-Technical Perspective

Cloud computing has turned into lifeblood for the enterprises as well as customers. If businesses want to win the race, they will have to get on board quickly. Several people believe that Cloud is nothing but the same old wine in a new bottle. Logic behind this belief is that cloud computing is just a natural progression from the existing mainframe computing or managed hosting. However, one thing that the naysayers miss out on is that even though cloud might be just an incremental change over the existing technology, it’s a fast changing world out there and cloud is the next big change.

The big change on the cloud is the shift from infrastructure and applications to being data oriented. Computing hardware has been almost completely commoditized; however, even a few years ago software was only the game of the bigger companies. Consumers now have option of choosing from different cloud computing delivery models like PaaS, SaaS and IaaS. They can use any of these models for their computing needs that can range from DIY (do-it-yourself) to DIFY (do-it-for-you). IT has been extended to the common people and consumers through the use of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Offers

If we are to take the example of cloud computing being offered by any number of companies, we can easily spot numerous failures. However, the interesting thing is that it is absolutely fine to have such faults because cloud is a fast changing environment where engineers are experimenting with a lot of new things. Thus, when we compare with the well-oiled and better-managed data centers, we are going to find faults with other start-ups. Businesses or companies offering cloud computing services are bound to experience hiccups and even stumble from time to time because they are working to bring about a change. It is all about trial and error, so we have to cut them some slack while judging their quality of service.

The best thing is that the change in cloud computing is getting unflinching support from the public sector. Often the public sector has been regarded as a slow adopter of information technology; however, the most amazing aspect is that this sector has been the biggest driver behind the change in cloud computing. It is quite understandable when we see industry bigwigs like Larry Ellison, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos vouch for cloud computing but the size of the game can be comprehended from the fact when we see the U.S. Federal CIO’s name featured  on the list. The scale of the cloud computing market can be judged from the huge excitement it has managed to create among the industry leaders.

The change is there for everyone to see and those who seem to be missing out on the big picture are being distracted because of focusing on other aspects. The market has grown significantly and on minute observation, one can judge the value quite easily. No other market change has ever been so transparent and open. For a non-technical person it all boils down to their perspective of cloud and keeping aside all the changes, they have to decide whether they want to be part of the change or just wait to see whether these changes fail and leave them unchanged.

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