Cloud Telephony Security: Why you Need Not Worry.

Cloud Telephone_SecurityRecent surveys have come up with an interesting data on cloud – 54% of the businesses do not avail cloud based services because they are either worried about security on cloud or do not have any knowledge about the security issues. The blame thus falls upon us for having failed to inform businesses about cloud security.

Lack of Information

Businesses around the world never received proper and timely information about cloud and when it comes to large scale businesses, the lack of information is glaring. Cloud can actually turn business processes extremely efficient by leveraging data and communication while eliminating the needs of buying and maintaining hardware. Investment on hosted and cloud solutions can actually help you complete typical communication and IT tasks within a few hours rather than dragging the same for weeks.

The Need for Security

Security has always been a concern for the general public like you and me because, when it comes to security, we always tend to rely more upon hardware than software. However, this is not at all true and there is no evidence supporting such a belief. Whenever you decide to switch to the cloud (for the existing data or for the office phone system) then you will definitely come up with questions pertaining to security and safety. Cloud security is always at the hands of the service provider. Thus, it is imperative that the service providers take all the measures to ensure proper security.

Misplaced Confidence?

An interesting data about the IT professionals is that about 85% of them are confident about being provided a secure environment by their cloud provider. However, there are another 15% of IT professionals who have certain concerns like the few mentioned below:

  • Business interruptions or system downtime
  • Data loss or exposure during transfer to/from cloud
  • Data encryption issues
  • Physical security of data centers
  • Vulnerability of shared technology
  • Unwanted and malicious activity by the privileged administrators or insiders at the cloud service providers
  • Identifying or authenticating users
  • Assessment and comparison cloud providers
  • Legal or regulatory compliance requirements

The reasons why majority of the businesses are switching to the cloud for both their hardware and software requirements are shown below.

Cost – Moving to the cloud often helps a company save a lot of money that they would otherwise spend on maintenance and upgrades. You will be able to avail the managed services once the software or hardware is put into a data centre. This will reduce your overheads by quite a few notches. For instance, you will never have to worry about the electricity costs at your office as the cloud service provider would take care of the maintenance needs for a fixed monthly cost.

Resiliency – every data centre has three different types of power backup i.e. traditional main line, UPS battery backup, and a generator. This helps your communication or other system on the cloud to be up at any time of the day. In case of any issues, multiple network providers will be able to provide you full redundancy. Some data centers have symmetrical backups in other centers, sometimes even in other countries. Issues such as earthquakes, storm, and dust are all considered for the location.

Space – Your telephone equipments along with the needed servers can take up a big part of your office space. However, when you move everything to the cloud, you will be able to free up the space taken up by your communications room. The freed up space can then be used for other business purposes.

Security on the cloud might be a big issue for some of the business owners but the above reasons is good enough for you to leave those worries to the providers. Cloud technology and its security issues are being resolved quickly, so you can safely move to the cloud and enjoy its advantages.

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