Common Cabling Infrastructure Mistakes to Avoid

Structured cabling is the backbone of today’s businesses. It’s a complicated system that can take hours to fix, even for the smallest of problems, without the proper organization. In this blog, cloud-based phone systems provider Nebula Solutions discusses common structured cabling mistakes that you should avoid.

Common Cabling Infrastructure Mistakes to Avoid

Rushing the Planning Stage

Good design can help keep your cabling infrastructure failure rate to a minimum. That’s why structured cabling should be planned in detail before a single foot of cable is laid down. This becomes especially important when you’re taking over an existing infrastructure, where a full teardown and replacement would dramatically increase the cost of setting it up. The IT design engineer on the job should take all the time necessary to inspect the existing system and plan modifications and repairs as needed. Taking a reactive approach by waiting for problems to arise before addressing issues can result in downtime that may cost you money.

Not Labeling the Cables

Unlabeled cables can make repair work take much longer, which will cost your business in terms of manpower as well as cripple your cloud-based phone system for hours. There are many kinds of cable management software that can help you organize and catalog all cabling, including cataloging cable numbers and the ports they’re connected to. Keep in mind that these labeling systems are only as effective as your diligence in labeling the cables.

Using Subpar Cabling

You also need to make sure that the cabling being used meets or exceeds the standards required by the infrastructure. Inexperienced installers often make the mistake of substituting subpar cabling to lower installation costs. Cables that bend too much or have outer sheathing that’s easily damaged by heat have no place in a system as complicated as structured cabling.

Another common mistake is assuming that cables with the same connectors are interchangeable. For example, if the system requires Category 6 (Cat6) cables, one doesn’t substitute Cat5 cables. The risk of interference and “crosstalk” between cables is just too great in a system where hundreds or even thousands of cables are transmitting data at any given time.

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