Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing Solutions in 100 Years

The conferencing solutions market seems to be buzzing with activity as more and more companies are coming up with innovative conferencing solutions. However, despite all the evolution in technology, voice quality during conference calls is still a pain point for many service providers. There hasn’t been too much improvement in voice quality over the past decade and virtual meetings still encounter problems like talk over, echo and several other sound quality issues.

Above all this, mobile workforce has complex requirements and that is not being properly addressed by the conferencing-bridge technology. For the mobile workforce to be productive and efficient, it is extremely important to offer clear and seamless communication. Majority of the business executives believe that co-ordination among team members is heavily impaired by technological handicaps like dropped calls and walkie-talkie sound.

Thus, mobile communication has to go a long distance if they have to match the pace of an average worker, who is habituated in using more than one device and some even advocating for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Here is how conferencing solutions will shape up in the next 100 years:

1. Immersive Communications

All the collaboration apps like instant communication; virtual brainstorming will come embedded with surround sound quality. A new audio communication experience will slowly substitute the contemporary technology. High-definition voice calling and rivaling sound in conference rooms will give rise to new possibilities.

2. Augmented Reality

Conferencing solutions will offer augmented reality, which is presently restricted to video games only. Conference calling technology will come packed with high definition 3D immersive sound that would be akin to the experience of face-to-face physical communication. It would like he sci-fi movies of the present era where get to see virtual characters sitting side by side and talking just like they would have done in reality.

3. BYOD Policies

Companies have already started the BYOD trend and in the coming decades things will get more interesting with the introduction of new communication devices. People will be using their mobile devices for audio as well as video communication. So eventually the conferencing solutions too would have to be tuned to include a plethora of devices. Thus, BYOD policies of a company will set the conferencing standard.

4. Globalization Will Drive Conferencing Solutions

Globalization has led to various innovative technologies like VoIP and instant messaging. In a similar manner this will also lead to innovation in conferencing solution. The market for mobile conferencing is increasing with every passing day and in the next 100 years, we will see some real exciting innovations in this field.