Fuel Information to Your Business Using UC

Unified communication (UC) is the ultimate solution for companies that have a large employee and customer base. UC is a common platform that facilitates the integration between various applications and tools to build a centralized communication system. Successful businesses are able to connect their global workforce across devices and systems. However, there are great risks involved in merging all the communication tools and applications into a common secure system without affecting the workflow and revenue.

Simply implementing any unified communication system might not be enough. If you want to realize the full potential of this communication system then you will have to feed it with the right kind of information. Information can be sourced from the different business applications that are already running in the office. The majority of larger enterprises use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for day-to-day business operations. If these ERP systems are integrated with the unified communication system then it can take enterprise communication to the next level.Unified Communications

Some of the major benefits of integrating the ERP system with unified communications are as follows:

Real-time data sharing

This is probably the biggest advantage to integrating ERP systems with unified communications. Real-time data sharing across platforms can be made possible, so employees will be better equipped while communicating with vendors, customers, and colleagues. The data fed into the ERP system can be fetched by the unified communication applications and tools, which can then be used by executives for various communication processes.

For instance, if the CRM module of an ERP system is connected to the UC, employees will have the ability to easily view their last business transaction and other needed information whenever a customer calls. This will help your sales team to create and deliver the perfect marketing pitch, and the customer will be satisfied about the fact that the company knows its buying preferences.

Conferencing for timely and effective communication

UC comes loaded with the advanced audio and video conferencing features. You will be able to organize a seminar or conference within a short time period. During the video conference, you or your employees will be able to share real time data sourced from the ERP system. Thus communication within the organization will not only be smoother but it will also be effective. This facilitates quick and correct decision making while helping your company take all the right steps to improve the profit-making activities.

Improvement in customer satisfaction

The better you are able to communicate with your customers, the more satisfied they would be with your services. If your employees can analyze present and past customer data and then use the same during communication, it is bound to be reflected in the form of a growth in the customer satisfaction figures.


Data shared through the UC platform will help maintain transparency in the business transactions that take place in your company. It helps you to eliminate any kind of ambiguity that might be experienced while dealing with vendors, customers or business associates. At the same time every employee in your company will be aware of the exact data being shared.

Higher profits

All the above factors will eventually culminate into better revenue figures, which imply that your company will be able to make better profits. The enhancement in the efficiency of business processes too can be attributed to the seamless data sharing between the ERP system and the unified communication.

Unified communication is the best thing to have happened to the business world as it has completely transformed the way data is shared and processes are run.


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