Handling the Most Common Types of Customer Complaints

A happy customer is a repeat customer. This is why many companies invest in good, reliable business telephone systems as well as customer service representatives to address any complaints their clientele may have. Customer feedback varies from one industry to the next, and it’s hard to pinpoint specific complaints that are similar across companies with such varied products and services.

However, there are certain types of problems that are almost always sure to elicit a complaint from any type of customer. It’s important to anticipate these common issues and make preparations to address them quickly and completely. Here are a few tips from our business consultant experts at Nebula Solutions on how to handle customer complaints.


Incorrect connections.  Cloud-based VoIP phone service is a great way to make sure that customers connect to the correct department the first time they call. There’s nothing more frustrating than calling one number, spending an inordinate amount of time on hold, then getting someone on the line only to be told that they have to transfer you to a different department. Some VoIP phones even have an IVR system in place to minimize incorrectly routing calls to different departments.


Poor customer service. Unfortunately, high-quality phone systems can only take you so far when it comes to customer satisfaction. Ultimately, it’s the way your representatives handle the call that will determine if the customer will hang up happy or not. An easy-to-understand interface on their phone system can help your customer service reps perform their jobs better.


Long wait times. When a customer spends too much time on hold on your hosted telephone system, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll already be at the end of their patience when their call gets answered. Self-service IVR options can help reduce the load on your lines and shorten your average wait times.


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