Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Voicemail to Email Service

How many times have you checked your business’ voicemail inbox when you arrive at the office as part of your early morning routine? A little time consuming, but a normal portion of work. These days, there seems to be no end to the ever increasing list of forms of professional communications. You have emails, text messages, and voicemail, not to mention the more traditional faxes and phone calls.

Imagine how much more efficient it can be to have your business telephone systems consolidate two of these methods into one convenient mode. You can say goodbye to pressing play on every message on your machine because now you can have voicemails straight out of your email inbox. Besides the obvious time saving benefit you get, here are a few more reasons voicemail-to-email can prove useful for your business needs.

Increased Response Rates

Apart from business telephone systems, email is perhaps the most commonly used communication between businesses. Voicemail, on the other hand, is not as readily accessible. In fact, many professionals admit they often forget voicemail messages are even there. Having voicemail forwarded to your email is a great way to know that you have them in the first place, which only means your response rates go up as well as your customer satisfaction.

Accessibility and Convenience

You don’t have to access voicemail messages directly from business telephone systems or business mobile phones anymore with voicemail-to-email services. Now you can get to your messages anywhere email is accessible: your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

A More Organized Inbox

If your customer service relies heavily on business telephone systems, record keeping can take away precious hours. However, with easy access options readily available in most email services, you can easily organize your voicemail into their corresponding categories faster and more efficiently. Different representatives may even access a public inbox and forward voicemails to the correct department for a much faster resolution.

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