Hosted Telephony: Your Key To Success

Hosted Business PhoneVoIP, or, Voice over Internet Protocol, is often mistakenly referred to as hosted telephony and it is relatively new compared to the existing telephone systems in the market. VoIP is a technology that helps in converting the analog voice signals to digital data packets which are then transmitted over the Internet. VoIP has become quite popular among business organizations because of the advanced telephony features it offers and the low price attached to the services.


The old PBX system at the office was used to connect multiple telephones to the same PSTN network. These PBX systems were installed in the office premises and they provided some additional telephony features beyond the usual calls. Features like call transfer, voicemail services and call forwarding made it quintessential for any office that handled large volume of calls regularly. Though PBX is still used by a large number of companies, it has always had its drawbacks. One major downside of PBX is that companies had to employ full time engineers and operators for its maintenance and operations. This often eats away a part of the company’s budget, which can be pretty difficult for the smaller companies that depend on third party companies for making outgoing calls. Small companies often find it really difficult to pay the fees for using the third party PBX services.

The Success of Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony has been really successful because it because it is less expensive than a PBX system, and users do not need any special hardware for setting up the connection within or outside the company. Business owners like you and me will love to work with hosted telephony because it helps us save a lot of money, and at the same time, gives us advanced features.

The primary technology that hosted telephony uses for connecting one line with another is the Internet Protocol. Thus, the existing network infrastructure that connects to the Internet can be used for telecommunication services as well.

The costs of owning as well as using hosted telephony are much lower than the PBX system because the latter needs to be upgraded from time to time so that it does not become obsolete. On the other hand when you are using a hosted telephony system, you have the unique advantage where the system is upgraded by the service provider on a regular basis. You will never really have to worry about upgrades. The hosted telephone systems are easier to manage as it is a web-based system and does not involve complex hardware at the user’s end.

Advantages Galore

Another big advantage of using hosted telephony is that it ensures business continuity so that you never lose out on the business. In the event of an unfortunate incidence, if your communication system fails at your end, there is the option of redirecting the calls to mobile phones or the branch offices. This is part of the disaster management of hosted telephony systems – the third-party service providers are there to provide you complete support during communication outages.

Higher flexibility and better security are the other two features of hosted telephony systems as the third party service providers take care in making the system extremely secure to prevent unwanted access. Clients are able to choose and use the features they find useful and do not need to spend on unnecessary features. You will be able to pick the features that suit the communication needs of your business.

Hosted telephony comes loaded with numerous advanced telephony features that would help you to route the calls intelligently and present a professional image of your company. Every good hosted telephone service provider will be ready to provide you with complete support when you decide to buy their services.

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