How Does VoIP Improve Business Productivity?

VoIP is a cloud phone system that offers several advantages over traditional business phone systems, from quick and easy setups to virtually unlimited expandability. All of these features can help boost business productivity, and in this blog Nebula Solutions examines how VoIP helps achieve this.

Increased Mobility

Nowadays more professionals spend a significant amount of their time working from home or on the go. Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of working in this way through savings on operational costs and productivity. Employees who had to spend up to an hour an hour commuting to and from work can instead use that time to rest or accomplish more work for the day. Hosted VoIP systems make it possible for employees to make and receive calls as if they were at their own desks.

Easy Integration

Whether you’re switching to an entirely new system or adding features onto an existing one, there’s a learning curve when a new phone system is installed. Hosted VoIP systems are easy to learn, with features that can be added later on depending on your business needs. They can also be integrated with human resources, accounting and project management platforms, which lets you create a single centralized platform.

Optimized Communications

Hosted VoIP systems centralize your communications in a single location, which eliminates having to switch between multiple email inboxes, messaging apps and other communication platforms. All employees will only ever need one set of credentials to communicate at work.

Weatherproof Productivity

With a VoIP system, inclement weather or heavy traffic won’t hinder a worker’s productivity. As a cloud-based communications system, it allows employees full access to their tools, including the same phone number and extension. If getting to the office becomes a problem for the day, they can still work as long as they have a working internet connection.

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