How Hackers Compromise VoIP Telephones

As far as business telephone systems go, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, lines offer plenty of advantages and a ton of incredible features. However, as with most other things, VoIP isn’t without its drawbacks. One of the biggest risks to this type of business communication is in its security.

Having your connection over the internet can open you up to a lot of dangers. Thankfully, the risks involved are minimal and can easily be mitigated by following a set of best practices. Here are some of the best security tips to follow from our experts at Nebula Solutions.

Impersonation Risks

It’s easy to impersonate people over the internet, and with a VoIP phone service this can be especially dangerous. Hackers can hijack a connection, pretend to be a customer and proceed to enter your system through the communication lines. Alternatively, they can also reroute incoming calls and talk to your clients without them ever realizing it. This is why many VoIP services also provide voice data encryption services to protect both you and your customers from would-be hijackers.

Overloading the System

Another way hackers can compromise your business communications is to send high volumes of data packets into your server. These packets overload the system, taking the space intended for genuine phone calls. Advanced VoIP systems get around this risk by restricting the type of connections that are able to pass through.

The Dangers of Interception

Unscrupulous people can also find ways to intercept important data packets sent between different lines in a VoIP system. These packets can then be corrupted or changed and resent to their original recipients. The effects of this MO pose a strikingly high security risk to any business communications. Ask your VoIP service provider about a  hosted telephone system through a VPN, or a virtual private network, to minimize the risk of any outside interference within your organization.

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