How Reliable Are VoIP Phone Systems?

 Communication lines are vital to most day-to-day operations for many companies.  In fact, it’s rare for a business to survive without reliable business telephone systems. Whether it’s to allow customers to contact you for support or for your sales team to get in touch with potential clients, a good phone line is your way of connecting with the world.


In the past, PBX landlines handled a huge chunk of all business communications, but today, VoIP phone services are slowly taking the spotlight. Despite their widespread use, many users are still uncertain about the reliability of a VoIP phone system. Let our communication experts at Nebula Solutions explain why this might be the better choice for your operations.

Reliability Factors

With a VoIP phone service, reliability is measured using two metrics: call quality and system uptime. Call quality refers to the clarity of phone calls made through the line and whether or not you and the person you’re speaking with can understand each other fully. System uptime simply means the availability of the line to handle phone calls on demand.

Dependence on the Internet

One of the things that turn people off about VoIP phone systems is their dependence on a good connection to the internet, because when the internet is down, so is your phone. This used to be a big deal, but today many Internet providers are able to provide their services 24/7 with little to no interruptions.

In Comparison With Landlines

In terms of call quality and system uptime, a hosted telephone system can definitely hold its own against most traditional landlines. Connectivity is better than ever, which means you’ll likely experience very few problems with a VoIP telephone. However, the convenience and added features of a VoIP service gives it a definite edge on the competition.

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