How to Ensure a Successful Transition to a New Phone System

Transitioning to a new business phone system is hardly an easy task. Fortunately, with a well-organized plan you can make your transition project a successful one. Nebula Solutions shares an overview of how you can ensure an effective transition to a new business VoIP phone system.

How to Ensure a Successful Transition to a New Phone System

Evaluate Your Needs and Set Clear Objectives

Upgrading from an older phone system to VoIP means few components, if any, will survive the transition. Continuity is an essential aspect of transitions between systems; the user learning curve for adapting to the new system should be minimal. More importantly, all data should be readily accessible. Make a list of these and other objectives, and make sure all of them are completed before signing off on the project.

Map Your Migration Plan

A large system like a business VoIP phone system needs to be properly planned out. This means you’ll need to consult with all the stakeholders and make sure you’ve noted their requirements. They may want tweaks to the existing system that can be accomplished by the transition, so it’s important to take note of those, too. Your “map” doesn’t have to be a detailed one, but all your objectives do need to be clearly outlined.

Choose the Right Vendor

You’ll need to be patient when searching for a vendor that can fulfill your transition requirements. You’ll have to make time for several meetings, thoroughly discuss your needs and review proposals and quotes before making your choice. In addition to facilitating the transition to VoIP, the vendor you choose should also provide excellent customer support.

Growing pains are normal during the first few months as your team gets used to the new system, which is why a vendor with a good support system is ideal. While VoIP is a mostly digital system, it does receive upgrades that may require periodic maintenance stops to deploy and implement, which is why it would also be a good idea to ask the vendor what their maintenance plans cover.

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