How To Keep Conferences Productive

Conference CallsIt is really strange to learn that conference calls, which have become indispensable part of corporate life, are also the most ignored communication tools. Conference calling might not be the highlight of your day but if you are not able to handle it effectively then it will definitely hamper your productivity and will also be a big waste of time. It is not really easy to keep conference calls extremely engaging and productive and you must have already found it the hard way when you found one of your colleagues sleeping through a call. Conference calls are the only way you can collaborate effectively with all your employees, given that nowadays every organization has a good mix of mobile employees and the ones who are located at head offices or branches. You might not get things perfectly done during a conference call but then you can always use the following tips that will help you keep the calls engaging and productive.

Keep The Conference List Short

It is not very surprising to find surveys revealing that 90% of the people participating in any conference call actually do not enjoy the meetings! Now, this is some statistics to ponder upon when we add so much importance to conference calling. As a business leader or owner, you will need to consider the interest as well as the need of participant in a call. Try to include the people who really need to be in the call and the rest can be informed about the agenda and minutes of the meeting via an email. If a mail can do the trick then there is no need of preparing a long list of participants – get those only who matter and really need to be a part of the discussion. Also consider the cost factor associated with including higher number of participants – shorter list will cost lesser.

Prepare before participating

Every meeting has an agenda and you will need to decide and distribute the agenda for the conference call among all the participants. Every participant must be aware about the issues that would be taken up during the meeting. An early preparation in the form of data points or other statistical cues can make the discussion more interesting. You can use some other collaboration tools where you can share the data during conference calls so that everyone has something in front of them to refer to.

Arrange your data and files prior to starting a conference

People often don’t come prepared with the necessary files or documents and this leaves them scrambling while the other participants are kept waiting. You should ensure that every member has their relevant files and folders in an easily accessible location. Use real time file syncing and sharing tools so that all the participants can refer and share the files during the meeting.

Use the latest Technology

In case you still connect all the participants via a phone call then it is time that you get a conferencing solution. These solutions can help you to carry out video or voice conferencing real quickly. You will also be able to share and transfer files on a real time basis by using the integrated tools that come along with latest conferencing solutions. Video conferencing can turn the meetings really productive as all the participants will be aware about the camera and the conference calls can turn out to be as productive as the face to face meetings.

Stay Focused in the Conference

People often tend to lose focus during a conference call and that leads to different types of confusion. The key to a successful video or audio conference is to stay focused. You can begin by not digressing from the agenda of the meeting and in case any of the other participants do that, you can then come in and remind him of the agenda. Every participant will start loving the conferences if it turns out to be productive and focused on the subjects of concern.

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