How VoIP Technology Can Boost Business Productivity

Over the years, technological advances have opened up new market opportunities for thousands of businesses. Voice-over internet protocol, or VoIP phone service technology, is one piece of technology that enables companies to reap the benefits of higher productivity, growth sales and cost cutting.

Here are some concrete ways to maximize business productivity using VoIP:

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements 

A survey in 2019 recently found that work-from-home arrangements cut employees’ commute times and boosted productivity. Of course, flexible work arrangements such as a work-from-home set-up are only possible if employees have the right equipment at home. One essential piece of such equipment is a work-from-home phone line.

However, installing work-from-home phone lines in every employee’s home is simply not practical. A more efficient alternative would be a VoIP installation. With a stable internet connection and an IP phone or even a traditional analog phone with an ATA device, an employee can receive calls from anywhere in the world.

Set Up Virtual Numbers 

A company’s reputation plays a big role in customers’ purchasing. For instance, customers usually have more confidence in services provided by a global company. If you want to project a global image for your company, you can set up virtual numbers using a VoIP service. Virtual numbers look like local numbers, giving your company a global image without having to set up expensive remote offices.

 Click-to-Call Website Features 

Prospective customers browsing your website can easily contact customer service by clicking an icon on the web page. Click-to-call web features make it more convenient for customers to make inquiries, which could lead to potential sales. To learn more about how  business telephone systems and VoIP installation services can help your business grow, consult a local VoIP provider.

Looking for VoIP vendors in your area? 

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