IP-PBX Systems Makes Work Easy and Effective

Unified CommunicationsA typical IP-PBX phone system is loaded with several advanced telephony features to make your work really easy and effective. Employee productivity is increased with the implementation of IP-PBX. You will be able to enjoy all the advantages without investing a fortune to buy PBX equipment and at the same time maintenance of the system will not require dedicated IT resources. The VoIP service provider will take care of the Hosted PBX systems and all these would make extremely affordable to install, deploy, managed and even maintain the PBX telephones hosted on the cloud.

The primary technology behind the latest IP-PBX systems is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a technology group that works to deliver voice communication services over an IP communication network. There are several terms used by people to refer to the VoIP communication systems which include IP communications, broadband phone service, VoBB or Voice over Broadband telephony, Internet telephony etc. VoIP in simple terms is a package that involves both software as well as hardware to facilitate internet-based communication service. All the voice signals are transmitted over the IP network and the entire communication system is based on the internet.

VoIP is an extremely intelligent system that converts the analog voice signals into digital packets and transmits them over the internet. VoIP is slowly replacing the PSTN telephone systems around the world and businesses are fast switching to this latest technology.

There are 3 different ways of placing a VoIP call and you can use any one or all these ways to make or receive calls.

  1. Analog Telephone Adapter or ATA – Using this method, you will be able to connect your existing analog telephone sets to the internet for making calls using VoIP or IP-PBX. ATA or Analog telephone Adaptor will carry out the conversion of analog signals to digital signals and even carry out internet based transmission of the digital packets.
  2. IP Phones – Though these phones look like the normal phones but they use RJ-45 connectors to connect to the router. You will be able to connect the IP phone to the router directly and make calls using VoIP
  3. PC to PC – In order to connect calls from one PC to another, you will just need a software, speakers, microphones and sound card. Obviously, you will also need an internet connection for making the calls but the calls will be absolutely free. You will just be paying for the data usage and nothing else.

The IP-PBX Advantages

You will be able to use the IP-PBX system at your office and make or receive the calls using the internet. The calls will be routed just the way your old PBX system worked; however, the only change is that here the digital packets would be routed using the intelligent call routing feature. IP-PBX is a cost effective alternative to the legacy PBX systems.

Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind while migrating to the IP-PBX systems:

• Calling / Service Plans

You should always check the calling/service plans being offered by the vendor and choose the calling or service plan that suits your communication needs. Most of the service providers offer competitive pricing so you are not going find it too challenging while finalizing your choice.

• Calling Features

You must cross-check with your service provider whether the advanced calling features like conference call, caller ID and Voicemail have been provided with the service plan or not. These basic features are offered by most of the leading VoIP-PBX service providers in the market.

• Easy Set Up

It is really easy to set up the VoIP phone system and it does not require specialists to carry out the installation.

• Support

All the leading VoIP-PBX service providers in the market offer ticket or email based support. You should also ask your service provider about the FAQ list that would address most of your concerns.

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