More Common VoIP Problems & How to Fix Them

We shared a few common VoIP problems in an earlier blog, where most problems are typically solved with a call to your company’s support team. Today, cloud phone system provider Nebula Solutions shares a few more common VoIP problems, this time with easy fixes.

Choppy Audio

You’ve probably had one or two calls where the audio seems to cut out every few seconds so that you have to ask the other person to repeat themselves. Choppy audio is often due to bandwidth capacity: if the other person is cutting in and out, the problem is on their end. If they keep asking you to repeat yourself but they sound fine, the problem is at your end. This usually happens when internet service providers are experiencing service outages, but you can optimize your home network by turning off high-capacity services like video streaming for the duration of the call.

Call Connects With No Sound

Calls that begin with “hello, can you hear me?” are far too common. Assuming that you’ve made sure that your VoIP phone system is correctly set up—the volume is turned up, all plugs are where they should be and there are no hardware problems—your firewall settings may be the culprit. More specifically, the firewall could be blocking the RTP packets. You’ll need to check your firewall setting and open ports to allow RTP packet trafficking. Ask your company’s IT staff if you’re not sure what the settings are.

Low-Quality Audio

VoIP systems utilize high bandwidth to provide high-quality audio and video, as well as high-speed data transfers. This means it’s unusual to experience low-quality audio. However, VoIP systems are designed to fall back to low-quality audio in case internet bandwidth drops. This means you’ll need to troubleshoot your internet connection: restart your router, stop running high-bandwidth applications and make sure all hardware, including cables, are in good shape.

Calls Unexpectedly Go to Voicemail

You probably don’t want to have your calls go to voicemail during business hours. This isn’t something you would notice until someone reaches you another way or you find several messages in your voicemail much later. Fortunately, it’s only a matter of checking your phone settings and making sure it’s not in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode and that all configuration files are up-to-date.

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