Big Data & IP Mobile Networks

In this article we will be looking at IP Mobile Networks and Big Data. Big data is a holistic term, which includes a wide variety of new methods and technologies. These are are designed to collect, manage and, analyse an incredibly large volume of data in real time. Of late, this has been considered as

5 VOIP Tools For Communication System

The introduction of VoIP has not only revolutionized the realm of communication system, but has also paved the ways for invention of certain tools that have collectively or individually made our life easier. Though VoIP delivers advanced technology to the customers, the values are not necessarily recognized by the users. Today you can use a

How Conferencing Solution Helps In Cost Cutting

Technology has made this world a much smaller place. This is true in every aspect of our daily lives. The world of telecommunication is no exception. With the introduction of video conferencing technology, the world of telecommunication has got smaller and the process has become much faster. However, the most remarkable benefit that the latest

5 Reasons Why Employees Dislike VOIP Phone

The entire world of telecommunications has been through a transformation after the introduction of VoIP Phone System. More and more companies, regardless of their scale and size, are opting for this new state-of-the-art communication technology. However, not everything is good in VoIP. In fact, there are some reasons which are more than enough to make

Cloud Systems

Cloud Systems & Small Businesses

Cloud systems are the latest trend in the IT world. Cloud systems loosely covers cloud computing, cloud storage, and for us, cloud based phone systems. Information technology has transformed the way business is conducted. Nowadays cloud systems too aim in revolutionizing the way small businesses do their business. Cloud computing will be dominating the business

VoIP Features

5 VoIP Features For Your Business

We all use VoIP, but are we aware what VoIP features are important for daily use? Every sphere of our lives is undergoing technical advancements. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has brought about a change in the traditional Public Switched Telephone network (PSTN). This is seen as a welcome change by small businesses and large

Block VoIP Calls

Why Do Some Countries Block VOIP Calls?

When VoIP has so much to offer to its users, there are countries that block VoIP calls. In countries like Oman, Belize, UAE, usage of VoIP for making phone calls is blocked. In some of these places, the local government has taken the authority in their hands to decide how it’s citizens and, people residing,

Enterprise Unified Communications

Enterprise Unified Communications

The main facets of unified communications technology are messaging, VoIP, presence, and conferencing. Now, the question is that what make these components run? What is the technology behind working of enterprise unified communications? We will try to find out everything that will enable you to make enterprise unified communications work for you. Infrastructure Network infrastructure

Conferencing Solutions

Conferencing Solutions in 100 Years

The conferencing solutions market seems to be buzzing with activity as more and more companies are coming up with innovative conferencing solutions. However, despite all the evolution in technology, voice quality during conference calls is still a pain point for many service providers. There hasn’t been too much improvement in voice quality over the past


10 Signs You Need UC

Unified Communication has made life easier for business owners and executives, irrespective of the industry vertical they belong to. UC is the integration of a variety of real time applications such as Telephony, Instant Messaging, Video conferencing, e-mail etc. UC is actually a suite of products that work in tandem to provide effective and seamless