Hosted Telephony: Your Key To Success

VoIP, or, Voice over Internet Protocol, is often mistakenly referred to as hosted telephony and it is relatively new compared to the existing telephone systems in the market. VoIP is a technology that helps in converting the analog voice signals to digital data packets which are then transmitted over the Internet. VoIP has become quite

Storage and Backup Strategy for Your Small Business

Businesses feed on data and even generate data on a large scale. If you are business leader, you must be aware that data storage is a big concern for any right thinking business owner. For businesses to succeed, data storage needs to be taken care of because that is the biggest weapon in your arsenal

What You Need To Run Cloud Telephony

If you have finally decided to use cloud computing or cloud based telephone services, it is time that you also get acquainted with the things that you might need to run a cloud-based telephony application in your organization. You need to understand what software and hardware you need. Thus, it is imperative that you get

Call Processing Features of VIPedge

The latest cloud based VoIP service from Toshiba is the best product to have hit the market in the recent years. This award winning enterprise IP communication system is not only affordable but also easy and it can accommodate any number of users. If you are running a business then it is quite natural to

Mobile Phone and Business App Integration

The day-to-day communications at the office has undergone a sea of change since the introduction of Cloud telephony. We are not used to making calls from our mobile phones by clicking on any app. With VoIP, everything is a session that runs from an application. We can even receive our voicemails, fax messages, and even

Fuel Information to Your Business Using UC

Unified communication (UC) is the ultimate solution for companies that have a large employee and customer base. UC is a common platform that facilitates the integration between various applications and tools to build a centralized communication system. Successful businesses are able to connect their global workforce across devices and systems. However, there are great risks

The Role of Unified Communications in Business

Every business aims at beating the competition and creating an unbeatable reputation in the market. Now, this is possible only by maximizing productivity and making optimum use of all resources at your disposal. Every business is aware that it can enhance its performance and thereby achieve success by improving its efficiency in all the departments.

Why You Should Adopt VoIP

For a long time, the traditional telephone system was the only option for the business organizations for managing their communication system. With the advancement of technology and increasing popularity of Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) became a mature choice. Since then, majority of large as well as small business organizations opt for VoIP technology

Advantages of SIP

SIP refers to Session Initiation Protocol. This is a communication platform that helps you set up and terminate a communication session in a multimedia-rich unified environment. This is a basic framework of communication that includes VoIP, voice calls, video calls, text chat, and whiteboard session. With an active SIP system, you can carry out all

Tips For Signing Up For a VoIP Service

Finally you have decided to give your old PSTN landline phone a nudge and move ahead with the idea of subscribing to the latest VoIP service. Well, VoIP is the latest craze that has caught the imagination of the information-hungry generation. The innumerable advanced telephony features offered by VoIP is definitely unbeatable but there are