Maximize ROI With SIP Trunking

Companies operating in a competitive market are always on the hunt to find new and innovative technologies that can whittle down their operational costs. SIP trunking has slowly turned into an industry darling as this technology cuts down the communication costs and at the same time enhances the functionality and features of the existing telecom

SIP Trunking Explained

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Hosted VoIP & Disaster Management

The perception about VoIP is that of a money saving technology which helps organizations reduce their telephone bills and enhance their bottom line. However, people often tend to forget that the primary purpose of migrating to VoIP is to ensure seamless and continuous connectivity during critical business communications. As users of VoIP we need to

IP-PBX Systems Makes Work Easy and Effective

A typical IP-PBX phone system is loaded with several advanced telephony features to make your work really easy and effective. Employee productivity is increased with the implementation of IP-PBX. You will be able to enjoy all the advantages without investing a fortune to buy PBX equipment and at the same time maintenance of the system

How To Keep Conferences Productive

It is really strange to learn that conference calls, which have become indispensable part of corporate life, are also the most ignored communication tools. Conference calling might not be the highlight of your day but if you are not able to handle it effectively then it will definitely hamper your productivity and will also be

Unified Communications – What, How and Benefits

Businesses thrive because of their communication and it would be really unwise to rely only on one communication system (in this case your telephone system) for getting all the work done. Let us look at a snapshot of a modern workplace: Your employees have a phone on their desk They have their workstations loaded with

5 Ways UC Can Improve Employee Productivity

Success or failure of a business, to a greater extent, depends on the type of communication that it maintains. Communication within the company facilitates information and knowledge sharing among the workers, which helps everyone to stay on the same page. On the other front it helps a business keep in touch with customers, vendors and

Cloud Telephony Security: Why you Need Not Worry.

Recent surveys have come up with an interesting data on cloud – 54% of the businesses do not avail cloud based services because they are either worried about security on cloud or do not have any knowledge about the security issues. The blame thus falls upon us for having failed to inform businesses about cloud

Advantages of VoIP – Advantage Employees

It is amply clear that VoIP telephony can help remote workers immensely and businesses can benefit in numerous ways by availing amazing features offered by IP based phone systems. There are a variety of workforce-related benefits that are already known by business owners but there are many other advantages that are left to be explored.

UCedge from Toshiba

With a intent to easing the use of it’s phone systems, Toshiba recently released UCedge. UCedge is a client application that works with Toshiba’s VIPedge® cloud service and IPedge® telephone solutions, as well as Strata® CIX converged digital/IP systems with an IPedge Application Server. UCedge works with Windows, Mac, and Android operating platforms to deliver a simple