Advantages of SIP

SIP refers to Session Initiation Protocol. This is a communication platform that helps you set up and terminate a communication session in a multimedia-rich unified environment. This is a basic framework of communication that includes VoIP, voice calls, video calls, text chat, and whiteboard session. With an active SIP system, you can carry out all

Tips For Signing Up For a VoIP Service

Finally you have decided to give your old PSTN landline phone a nudge and move ahead with the idea of subscribing to the latest VoIP service. Well, VoIP is the latest craze that has caught the imagination of the information-hungry generation. The innumerable advanced telephony features offered by VoIP is definitely unbeatable but there are

5 Things Everyone Should Be Using In Telecom

Telecom giants all over the world are fighting it out hard to gain as much of the market pie as possible. They are trying out all the tricks in the books to gain new customers and increase their revenues manifolds. The big question is that after all this hubbub, are the customers really gaining anything

Hardware Included With VoIP Systems

For those companies that might be considering a move to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) based solution for their communications needs, we are sure that there are many questions you have. Not the least of these questions will be “What sort of hardware will I get with my VoIP system?” IP Telephone Of course

Video Conferencing – Communication Made Easier

Telecommunication has reached a new level with the introduction of video conferencing system. Business executives can now hold meeting with their counterparts from any part of the world at the click of a mouse. The need to travel to the client’s site for a presentation or a meeting can now be avoided and the same

What You Need to Run A Cloud Based Telephony

Many people now are sold on the benefits of cloud or hosted telephony. The wondrous world of cloud based VoIP has also been understood and they are now shifting from PSTN systems. Before you take that extra step, however, it is necessary to understand how it works and what you will need in order to

10 Communication Innovations in The Last 10 Years

The last decade has been really interesting in terms of the technical innovations and mankind has been gifted with numerous new technologies. We are really thankful to the inventors who have created interesting communication tools and applications in the last 10 years. One of the major advantages of these innovations is the reach of connectivity