Don’t Forget to Ask Your VoIP Provider for These Features

Are you thinking about switching over to VoIP solutions as business phone carriers for your own company? Here is a quick list of all the features you must always ask for as well as features to look forward to from your VoIP provider.

Are Hosted VoIP Solutions Better?

VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet Protocol, an Internet-based communications service that gives users all the functionality of a phone with the connectivity and worldwide access to the Internet. There are plenty of reasons why VoIP communications have been making strides when it comes to businesses and one of these reasons is that it is considerably cheaper than

How Secure Are VoIP Telephone Systems?

When the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service was introduced back in the early 90s, its quality and performance were major issues. Luckily, the technology has made enormous leaps and bounds since then. More and more companies are using VoIP as their primary business phone system. Improvements in quality are all well and good,

Internet Phone Services for Small Businesses

One of the biggest doubts many business owners have about a VoIP phone system is that their enterprise may not be big enough for such a “fancy” system. They can be impressed by all the bells and whistles, however, they’re doubtful that their small business or company would ever find the need for an Internet

Types of Business Phone Systems

Knowing the options available for your business is actually half the battle when choosing the right communication setup. How would you feel when you’ve already purchased a system and you find out something is even better?

How Can Unified Communications Help Your Business?

Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve and streamline their business. With minor adjustments, you can make a continuous change that always pushes your business forward. One way to do this is using a unified communications solution.

Top Reasons to Choose VoIP Solutions for Your Business

In the early days of the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP telephony system, the technology required the use of computers for communications and this was, at best, a huge limitation to its capabilities. However, VoIP has made considerable strides in improving mobility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. It’s caught the attention of many business owners who

Finding the Best VoIP Business Phone Solution

Phone calls are probably one of the more common contact points between your business and your clients. We’re not going to discuss the importance of having a business phone because, frankly, that goes without question.

How Much Bandwidth You Need for VoIP Phone Systems

Before you migrate your business telephone setup to a digital model, you have to know about the infrastructure and services you need to support it.

The Difference Between RJ-45 and RJ-11 Cables

If you’re going to start migrating to an internet phone service, you need to be able to speak plainly and efficiently about the hardware involved. The cables at the back of your computer all have names, but two of them are the most important to know for anyone who is using a VoIP phone and