Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Voicemail to Email Service

How many times have you checked your business’ voicemail inbox when you arrive at the office as part of your early morning routine? A little time consuming, but a normal portion of work. These days, there seems to be no end to the ever increasing list of forms of professional communications. You have emails, text

How to Choose the Best Business Telephone Solutions

The type of communication system for your business is an important decision to make in any company. The biggest options in business telephone solutions are mainly divided into two categories: landlines, and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Each of these types has its own benefits and disadvantages, which means choosing the right solution is a

The Most Popular VoIP Terms and What They Mean

PBX. SIP. Cloud. If you’re new to VoIP phones, these terms can get overwhelming. But don’t worry, we have your back. Here’s a quick guide to the most popular VoIP terms, which will help you make sense of all the jargon. More importantly, it can help you decide on the features that your business needs.

Crexendo CX430: An Advanced Yet User-Friendly VoIP Phone

More people are getting used to the flexibility and intuitiveness of smartphones. These days, many desk phones feel clunky in comparison. The Crexendo CX430 is an executive level VoIP desk phone that has a full-color, user-friendly interface with a feature-rich design. Let’s take a closer look at its unique features:

4 Tips on Improving Voice Quality In a VoIP System

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have dramatically improved the way businesses handle communications. As with any digitally based system and phone carriers in general, certain factors could affect the quality of your service. If you are experiencing below-par audio quality, the following are ways you can improve it.

VoIP Systems: How Do They Work?

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is becoming the phone system of choice for many of today’s businesses. However, given its complex structure, not everyone is familiar with how the system works or how they can benefit from its advantages over conventional phone lines and carriers. Here’s an overview of how VoIP systems work.

The Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud phone systems, also known as hosted phone systems, are quickly becoming the phone system of choice for businesses of all sizes. Here is a quick overview of how it works and how it can benefit your business.

Don’t Forget to Ask Your VoIP Provider for These Features

Are you thinking about switching over to VoIP solutions as business phone carriers for your own company? Here is a quick list of all the features you must always ask for as well as features to look forward to from your VoIP provider.

Are Hosted VoIP Solutions Better?

VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet Protocol, an Internet-based communications service that gives users all the functionality of a phone with the connectivity and worldwide access to the Internet. There are plenty of reasons why VoIP communications have been making strides when it comes to businesses and one of these reasons is that it is considerably cheaper than

How Secure Are VoIP Telephone Systems?

When the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service was introduced back in the early 90s, its quality and performance were major issues. Luckily, the technology has made enormous leaps and bounds since then. More and more companies are using VoIP as their primary business phone system. Improvements in quality are all well and good,