Should You Choose a Local VoIP Provider?

Communication is a critical part of any business operation. While the technology that allows companies to stay in touch with both clients and colleagues has evolved over the years, voice communications still remain the number one method for doing so that’s preferred by most people. This is the reason why a reliable hosted telephone system–and an equally reliable service provider–is an essential part of a company’s communication plan.

The quality of your phone service depends on both the product and the expertise of your communications provider. This puts a lot of pressure on many business owners to find a company that meets their needs 100%. One option is to choose a local company over a national chain. Below our experts at Nebula Solutions explain why this might be the best choice.

Personal Service

Understanding the many technical terms involved in equipping your company with a reliable line of communication can be challenging. National providers usually supply business telephone systems to businesses with minimal installation service, if any at all. Most local VoIP companies, on the other hand, can be counted on to provide you with full installation and support so you can enjoy your brand new lines right from the get go.

Emergency Services

Local companies also have the advantage of proximity. Being in the same area as your own business means they can address emergency troubles faster than big nationally-recognized sompanies. Moreover, replacement parts or units can usually take days to ship from a national provider, whereas emergency replacement parts are almost always available  as needed from a local business.

Reliability and Quality

One of the biggest selling points of big national brands is their access to top-of-the-line VoIP phone service and other equipment. However, this isn’t to say that local companies can’t do the same. In fact, you’ll find the service of local companies to be much more reliable in the long run.

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