Signs That Your VoIP System Has Been Hacked

VoIP has changed how business telephone systems connect organizations to their employees, suppliers and clients. As an internet-based technology, VoIP is exposed to the same risks that usually accompany internet connections. In this blog, Nebula Solutions shares the signs that may indicate your VoIP system has been hacked.

Internet Searches Redirecting to Unsolicted Sites

If your internet searches redirect you to sites that you didn’t expect or didn’t intend to go to at all, this is a potential sign of a VoIP hack. Some hackers acquire the user’s permission through innocuous-looking pop-ups of the kind that most people tend to overlook. You may notice new toolbars, or your address bar search may direct you to a different search results page. Best practices such as paying attention to pop-ups before clicking on them and keeping your antivirus and anti-malware applications up-to-date can help prevent such hacks.

Unrecognizable Calls In the Call History

If your VoIP phone’s call history has several unfamiliar calls—those with area codes or country codes you don’t recognize, or that were made during off-hours—this may indicate that your hosted telephone system has  been hacked. Depending on your VoIP provider, you may already have tools to protect yourself from these, such as call geofencing, where calls made to phones outside your service area (the building or a certain area code, for instance) can be easily monitored.

Microphones & Webcams Turn on Automatically

VoIP systems allow remote access to webcams and microphones. While this can be useful for online conferences and security monitoring, it can also be used by hackers for spying. Unless the microphones and cameras are running 24 hours a day, you should readily notice if they’re being used outside of business hours. Your VoIP provider may also have tools that will let you monitor usage logs or spikes in data usage, which may indicate audio and/or video being transmitted offsite.

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