How Unified Messaging Can Benefit Your Company

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Unified Messaging

Unified messaging can be defined as an Exchange Server Role, with the help of which the users are able to communicate in a wide range of ways. While some would prefer to send emails, other would like to use telephones more than using anything else for communication. This was introduced for the first time in the year 2007 and has been developed over the years to evolve as one of the most indispensable mobile apps of recent times.

Now the million dollar question is how this system works to seamlessly fulfill all the requirements of the modern business and individual customers?

Frankly speaking, the term, “Unified Messaging” is very much self explanatory. It is comprised of wide variety of messaging services of various kinds from a wide variety of sources, which are all combined into one inseparable messaging service. This unified service is designed and developed to give the end users a much better and seamless communication services. Though the form of this particular type of service can vary from each other, the basic crux or essence of the service remains more or less similar. The crux of this messaging service comprises of voice and fax messaging, text messaging from the source (phone or email account), video and other types of messaging and so on.

Now when it comes to discussing the way it works, we need to know the various features, which will make the concept clearer for the readers. Unified messaging (UM) is comprised of certain features which are described below:

User Access of Information Exchange

The technology gives the users, the liberty to have access of an entire set of features of voice mail, which are from the Internet compatible mobiles. These features may include a number of options of voice mail configuration and the very capacity of playing the voice messaging from the Reading Pane with the help of an integrated Windows based Media Player, or the list of messages with the help of speakers connected to the computer system.

Play on the Phone

This is another option that the users use to play voice messages. This can be done with the help of any telephone, irrespective of the fact whether it is an office, home based telephone or a mobile phone.

Form of Voice Mail

The unified messaging can be conducted from a default email messaging window or form, like the one that can be found on Outlook 2007, 2010 Web App. The default window for email messaging controls or mans certain types of actions, which include playing, stopping, and even pausing the voice message, playing them on telephones and adding or deleting or changing, or editing the notes.

When it comes to speaking about voice mails, the forms include embedded Windows Media Player and the Audio based note field.

MS Outlook based Voice Access Mechanism

Now Unified Messaging has two interfaces, which the users can enjoy with. One is the Telephone User Interface (TUI) and the other is Voice User Interface (VUI). These two interfaces combine with each other, together forming what is called the – Outlook Voice Access. The users mainly use this for accessing Unified Messaging system from a telephone.

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