Tips for Improving Multi-Location Business Communications

One of the greatest challenges of running today’s businesses is coordinating operations across multiple locations, time zones and phone carriers. In this blog, Nebula Solutions shares tips on how to improve cross-office collaboration.

Enable Video Conferencing

There are certain nuances in communication that can’t be conveyed through voice alone, such as facial expressions and hand gestures. Video calls are the next best thing to being in the same room as your colleagues, especially for large groups who need to be able to identify who’s talking at a glance. You need a systems provider who can set up a secure and stable internet connection to maintain video calls that are of good quality.

Mind the Time Zones

Coordinating meetings from locations across four domestic time zones is hard. When you’re running a business that includes sites from halfway across the world, this is even more difficult. Fortunately, VoIP technology bridges the gap between time zones, which makes it easier to coordinate hours and share calendars to ensure the meeting’s success.

Use Task Management Tools

There are various applications that lets users manage their daily tasks, including delegating, setting priorities and tracking progress. If you’re collaborating among several sub-groups, choose a task managing application that lets you and your collaborators break down big tasks into smaller ones. For example, if you’re choosing from one of the many phone carriers, you can break the tasks down so you can have the information you need to make a decision within the hour.

Standardize Your Work Processes

Cross-office collaborations require a certain amount of autonomy among the various business units. Therefore, you need to have set work processes that everyone agrees on which include data storage, file naming conventions and folder hierarchies. This makes it easy to keep every site in sync regardless of time zone and location, and also helps manage auditing output, keeping it streamlined, consistent and efficient.

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