Top 5 Advantages of a Cloud Phone System for Your Company

A cloud phone system can provide your company with many benefits. It’s portable, flexible, scalable, secure, reliable, and cost-effective. It is an attractive communications solution for small businesses because it minimizes setup and maintenance costs and provides best-in-class business features that you will typically find in traditional phone systems and more. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of cloud phone systems and how they can benefit your company.

Reasons Choose Cloud Phone System

5 Reasons to Choose a Cloud Phone System

In brief, a cloud phone system is cost-efficient, easy to set-up, and provides your small business the edge it needs to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. Cloud-based phone systems are simple yet they are feature-rich and flexible enough to meet your company’s communication requirements. Here are five reasons to use a cloud-based phone system for your business:

1. It’s mobile.

A cloud phone system allows full phone-system functionality anywhere where you have a connection to the internet. This is incredibly useful for medium and small enterprises with teams and employees in different locations. A cloud phone system also helps increase productivity because it is a fully-integrated communications system. It has easy-to-deploy business tools that operate in the cloud, providing teams seamless access to email, instant messaging, and CRM tools wherever they are.

2. It’s cost-efficient.

Cloud-based phone systems are relatively inexpensive when compared with traditional PBX platforms. Reducing costs will allow you to devote your resources to growing and improving your business. The lack of physical hardware can also save you maintenance and upgrade expenses. In addition, you won’t have to hire and train an IT team to maintain your phone lines.

3. It’s flexible.

It is easy to scale up your cloud phone system as your business grows. Since you don’t need new hardware, you can add as many extensions you need to accommodate heightened call volume. You only pay for the extensions you need only for as long as you need them. If you need to scale your communications platform down, you can easily do so since you don’t need to worry about disposing of hardware.

4. It’s secure.

Cloud-based phone systems are secure because they utilize a variety of security measures like HIPAA-compliance measures, data encryption, secure voice and video, network security, and more. Cloud communications companies also host all of their equipment and servers in highly secure facilities.

5. It’s reliable.

Reliability is one of the most important factors for your phone system. That’s why most cloud providers offer a Service Level Agreement to their clients. The SLA details the reliability and quality of the service that the customer can expect from their cloud phone system. The company can compensate clients if there are delays or extended maintenance periods. Cloud providers also utilize the best technology and equipment to ensure connectivity in all environments.

The Right Cloud Phone System for Your Needs

Nebula Solutions can provide you with a cloud phone system that will meet all of your business requirements. We have relationships with multiple cloud telephony providers to offer our clients with communications solutions that best fit their needs. Our team works to understand what our client needs then we provide the best options for them to consider. We also assist our clients with their migration to the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition.

Nebula Solutions works with our clients to help them understand their communication needs. We don’t just sell systems; we provide solutions that will help our clients meet all of their communication requirements, now and in the future. Call us at (888) 257-0955 or contact us here to learn more about our services.