Top Reasons to Switch to Cloud-Based Phone Systems

New York-based business research and advisory company Gartner reports that cloud-based services and technologies are set to grow upwards of $206.2 billion in 2019, a steep 17.3% growth from 2018. With comparatively more features than traditional phone lines, cloud-based phone services are taking the world of business communications by storm.

But, how do these phone systems work, and what advantages can they bring to your business? We’ll answer these questions and more as we take a closer look at this swiftly growing industry. Here are the top reasons your company should make the switch to cloud-based telephone services.

1. Cloud-based Phone Services Are More Affordable

The biggest benefit most businesses see with cloud-based telephone systems is the huge difference in costs compared with older landlines. The system itself is a software, so installation and maintenance costs are virtually next to nothing.

2. Cloud-based Phone Services Have More Features

The communications demands of businesses today easily dwarf the requirements of decades past. With a growing list of convenient features, cloud-based communications have been a game changer when it comes to daily correspondence. Unified communications over multiple platforms and easy accessibility from almost anywhere in the world are only two of the most frequently used features that come with most of these services by default or at a minimal cost.

3. Cloud-based Phone Systems Are Both Versatile and Scalable

The versatility of cloud-based services is undeniable. These days, you can access your voicemail through your email or from your mobile phone, or even have it automatically forwarded to the correct department.

This versatility is, of course, the key to its scalability. Adding components to growing companies no longer require lengthy installation processes that used to plague phone lines in the past.

4. Cloud-Based Phone Systems Enhance Security

For many businesses, security is a huge priority. With the right software, your company’s correspondence can be protected from any unwanted intrusions and other issues that may otherwise cause harm to your operations.

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